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  1. OP says he wants a game with airdashing so I don’t think DNF counts

  2. Honestly, that isn't why I don't like it. I don't find any of the characters fun, win or lose. They all feel like half-baked ideas.

  3. This is like Hogan vs Rock at Wrestlemania levels of Bizarro land.

  4. I guess Sega's executives, given their history of fails, are afraid to drop the 2D segments completely, because "everyone loves 2D, 2D games sell well, so, put more 2D there!", so the devs are forced to shoehorn those sections in.

  5. LMFAO, I've seen too much shit in Duty finder/Twitter to praise this fake positivity filled community 😂

  6. A grown man skipping a few barber appointments makes you feel like a kid again?

  7. Saraya officially announcing she’s cleared and they’re having a match, JJ and Lethal v Sting and Darby, Joe turning on Wardlow, an Elite package more or less confirming them for Full Gear, a sick ass main event, and an announcement of a UK show in 2023.

  8. So, can people in Saudi Arabia actually ever watch Women's matches?

  9. Shock, sets up a rematch, also not every title reign needs to be long or even medium length.

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