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  1. Animusic went hard as fuck back in ‘09 and it still goes just as hard today

  2. Any of you played tribes: ascend? Such a shame it flopped because the movement was super unique and getting kills was very satisfying.

  3. did it "flop" or did it get its own surprisingly large audience for a game with very niche appeal and then fizzled out over time

  4. tbh sometimes that does happen but i think netcode and clientside mess it up. also generators should have an instakill radius when they die imo, huge explosion and 0 damage is super weird

  5. I read once that a lot of pedophiles perceive they attraction to children as actual love and not 'abuse' and feel very protective of children. They view OTHER people preying on kids as the list evil thing in the world and they have to protect what they love from the REAL monsters.

  6. Why are the map designers allergic to alternative routes?

  7. Would like to see a blog entry again, if something interesting happened in the last two years :D.

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