1. What year? My first car was a ‘90 Mercury Sable LS

  2. Where did you find those?

  3. I know you make mistakes but I have no idea how you detected a battery level

  4. This is the only BTTF vehicle I wanted besides the DeLorean. I found Marty's Toyota about a month ago. Haven't seen any since. I see the manure Ford Deluxe all the time tho.

  5. I just got the DeLorean from part 3. Hoping to get all the vehicles.

  6. Starts a collection in office and eventually you will have a monopoly of chairs in the office, then you rent them out for $30 subscription fee or $2 per one time use.

  7. Yes, but was it posted by the Original Poster?

  8. Well after asking the DL said no to a store transfer due to distance. :/ My ISO room can only fit probably 8; 5 gallons. This is a less then ideal situation.

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