1. Also there’s no one American culture. Because our country is so big there are many different cultures. Even the conservatives are different on every region (ex Mormons in Utah and Southern Baptist in the South)

  2. I remember reading an essay where the author recalls driving through the Midwest, and as he went from state-to-state and even town-to-town, there were cultural differences, and different things that communities were proud of, or focused on, the radio stations were different, etc.

  3. Ah, yes… the Bethels! Google Bethel Church of Redding for a ride down the rabbit hole Straight to Crazytown! But, beware. For extra kicks, try looking at their Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM).

  4. If far cry 5 takes place in Redding ca it would be very much a documentary

  5. There’s a book series called Morpheus road that features a hell (portrayed as a post apocalyptic wasteland) where the really worse of humanity ended up there. For example one resident of hell happened to be a child abuser. And everyone can go to heaven in this universe including atheists provided that they come into terms and redeem themselves of any wrongdoings in a purgatory like realm called the Black (which is a replica of our world). Of course you have the option of staying in the black. What I like about this afterlife is that it’s a lot more fairer and you don’t really need God just you take responsibility for all wrongdoings and redeem yourself as a condition of going to heaven.

  6. “Appreciation for nation, history and culture” means he’s a wehraboo from my experience. I’m a history major and it irks me every time someone brings up the Wehrmacht and deny it’s war crimes

  7. Hitler's ideology was anything but consistent on the whole Aryan thing.

  8. The Nazi occultists though for some weird reasons accept the Japanese as aryans (they believe the emperor and the upper class are descendants of Aryan warriors who invaded japan). Then again they are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and even Hitler didn’t like them.

  9. Some Nazis did accept Japanese as fellow Aryans but they tend to be ones who were into the occult or in the case of Nazi expats in Indonesia and Shanghai during ww2 do have to smile and embrace them as fellow aryans or get killed. Most Nazis though like Hitler hated the Japanese. Edit: do to did

  10. Ernst Junger a ww1 veteran who wrote a memoir called Storm of Steel that detailed his experiences as a Stormtrooper (I know it’s ww1 but anything remotely related to the old German Army is considered controversial). Also, the Nazis who worked with Indonesian independence fighters during and after ww2 because they had common enemies (source: Hitler’s Asian adventures).

  11. One of the all time greatest war memoirs, and anybody with even an inkling of interest in WWI should read it.

  12. I’d watch a tv show featuring his life story. From his time from ww1 to ww2 and have a scene of him insulting Adolf (have him spit at a portrait of him, sure fictional but not to far from reality)

  13. Erdogan wanted to restore the Ottoman Empire and there are many German far right types that supports it like Baron Sebettondorf

  14. I've been watching Hitler's Circle of Evil on Netflix & as I'm watching it & seeing all of his inner circle all I can think is "THIS is the best & brightest? Not a single one would fit into Hitler's Aryan ideal."

  15. The irony is the SS Wiking division soldiers is the closest to their ideal image of “Aryan” yet they have to import them from Scandinavian countries and were the last soldiers to defend Hitler’s bunker when most of his original ethnic German soldiers were either captured or dead. Also Himmler, Hess, and a small faction of Nazis were cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs due to their love for the occult.

  16. I think they kinda covered it in the movie how high when the ghost of Benjamin Franklin started smoking weed

  17. I've seen them in the Central Valley, Gilroy, and Carmel. This flag is clearly not about "Southern Heritage" at this point.

  18. No one flying it in *ANY* state is doing anything other than screaming "I'm a racist".

  19. Some neo Nazis fly them in Germany to bypass the anti swastika laws

  20. do you want another suspension?

  21. So this user doesn’t consider white hispanic as “white”?

  22. You cannot escape David Green and his Hobby Lobby money

  23. If your in Redding CA, you can’t escape the christofascists because they owned the city

  24. Bethel is the issue in redding not Christians. Real christians dont try to ressurect dead children and blackmail and extort the parents of said child

  25. I know christians isnt the issue. The problem is the Christofascists like bethel have long term goals of imposing a theocratic ethno state which goes against Jesus` teachings. If Jesus were to show up in bethel he wouldve trash the church just like how he did it with the money changers in the temple.

  26. While I generally agree with you, it's not really black and white. You can have a loving family, and still not want to have them around. What if they are overbearing, or invade your privacy, etc? Minor nuanced things, but daily occurence could diminish QoL even if the family loves them deeply and it comes from a good place. Some people just like to be by themselves, and that's okay too.

  27. I love my parents but they’ll never accept my spiritual beliefs. I admitted one time to my mom that I don’t believe in Catholicism anymore and she got pissed and started yelling at me. As a result, I have to constantly lie to them about my faith (I’m more honest about my actual spiritual beliefs to others). Other than that they are very loving. It hurts me to do it.

  28. Ever been to deep Appalachia? It’s not far off. No money, no healthcare, no jobs, no education, no one wants to help them. People living it huts in the woods and don’t know how to read. They’re fortunate there’s no war going on in the country, though.

  29. My manager went to rural Nebraska and when she went to a Catholic Church there and saw that the white people there have 8 kids and wondered if she’s in Mexico

  30. There was a video in Reddit of a Turkish dude who said Arabs, Pakistanis, Kurds and afghans are genetically inferior. I think it’s the same dude

  31. Not surprised since my Filipino dad has outdated views of lbtq people and in some areas they’ll face a lynch mob.

  32. Maybe if they live in the Muslim Autonomous Region (BARMM) (more specifically near the Sulu Islands) not in the vast majority of the nation.

  33. I actually read somewhere that they have travel warnings for lbtq people on the Muslim majority Filipino areas.

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