1. Pretty sure I've seen them at Jusgo, though I don't know if they always have them. Might want to call them to confirm.

  2. Don't tell me both Frys and Circuit City are gone? Is Microcenter still in the Gallaria? It's the Mandela Effect thing. I am getting Ronald Reagan Back to the Future vibes.

  3. One Dim Sum is definitely the best but very very pricey. So maybe not the best? It all depends on how you define "best". Golden Dim Sum is a much more affordable option.

  4. It’s got some variety compared to other options! One dim sum is my favorite non-push cart (ocean palace being the go-to push cart)

  5. I'm not a huge fan of the push carts, to be honest.

  6. The associated 2 to 20 years in prison for the charges sounds like a pretty good penalty to me.

  7. $100 to $1500 depending on the car. Mine is $1500 unfortunately. This isn't really the right sub for this question anyway; find a forum about your specific car, because it varies more from car to car than from city to city.

  8. I mean they should update the maps to indicate that the bayou is a river

  9. No need for that. The official name is "Buffalo Bayou". Sure, it may be more of a river at some points than others, but there's no need to change the official name there. Just like a road may be called something-Boulevard, but only part of it is a boulevard, doesn't mean that they have to rename the part that's not a boulevard. Not sure why this is so complicated for you.

  10. Because I'm too dumb to understand why something is called East River while being nowhere near a river.

  11. Buffalo Bayou is a river at that point. After the confluence of White Oak Bayou, the flow rate is high enough that it's definitely not a bayou anymore (and arguably isn't really a bayou anywhere after Barker Dam, for that matter). Even Wikipedia says "Buffalo Bayou is considered a tidal river downstream of a point 440 yards (400 m) west of the Shepherd Drive bridge in west-central Houston". It's called Buffalo Bayou because that's the legal name for it, but it's a river there. So there's nothing wrong with a development alongside it using the term "River" in its name.

  12. Shooting at them first. Otherwise, I can't think of anything.

  13. He got the name wrong anyway. It's Bush Intercontinental, not Bush International. And I still just call it Intercontinental.

  14. Last time i was getting my Tesla’s oils changed they were able to inspect it…/s

  15. You driving Rich's Chevy V8-swapped Tesla?

  16. The Chronicle recently had an article about how some people are waiting months, maybe half a year, for approval. They are really backed up now.

  17. Yep, that's the exact article. Lots of people in the same boat. :(

  18. Which locksmiths invest heavily in the equipment to program the keys. Sometimes theyll have them in stock when a dealer doesn't. They have software suites available to them that make it as easy as inputting a 5 or 6 digit code to program a key. I can't think of many makes that require the car to program the key except BMW.

  19. Audi needs the car to program the key too.

  20. The franchisee thought they were spending too much on the official ingredients so they tried using a cheaper supplier, quality went down, they got in trouble with the franchiser, they tried rebranding, and it all failed as a result.

  21. There's an entire tax protest industry that would be salivating at the opportunity if that doesn't happen.

  22. Pretty much. I use advaloremtax.net each year, and this year they turned my property tax increase into a property tax decrease, which was nice.

  23. I think something went wrong in your math there. Going by the most recent ridership numbers of 4.5 million per month (still not recovered from COVID, but still going up), divide that by 2 to get an approximation of the number of round trips, then multiply by 12 for the months in a year, and you get 27 million round trips per year. Divide that out of $1 billion and you get $37 per round trip. Still a lot, but closer to expected when fares are $1.25 each way (historically fares paid for about 20% of the cost of METRO; this puts it a bit below 10%, mostly thanks to COVID-induced reduced ridership).

  24. I forgot where I had seen it previously, but I thought 10% (or less) was closer to the historical farebox recovery ratio for Metro. Hence it wouldn't have made a big deal (at least financially) if they had made the decision to make the system free to all users.

  25. That might be true after accounting for discounted student/senior fares and stuff like that. I had seen numbers around 20% reported before, but maybe that was abnormally high. But ridership used to be higher (>7m/month before the pandemic instead of <5m/month now) and expenditures were lower without fares changing (yet inflation has raised costs by probably 50% since the fare has been the same $1.25), so I really think 20% was probably more plausible if you go back 10+ years.

  26. Techy said 6-7 months of 'too cold to do anything outside' which was an exaggeration as you know.

  27. 6 months of it being too cold outside isn't an exaggeration where I spent my first couple decades.

  28. Yes, and I'm from a city in the north. He didn't say all cities in the north. I woudn't consider NYC or Chicago to have particularly cold winters, though their winters are miserable for other reasons. I am from North Dakota.

  29. Yeah, his numbers are a bit low. I'm at 1.9% (effective, after homestead exemption), but that's because I'm in an enclave city with lower taxes than Houston. In Houston it's pretty much impossible to get below 2.2%, and 2.5% is much more common. In the suburbs it's often much higher, but those are also generally not Houston.

  30. The Mayuri Express location is still open downtown but they don't have any of the Indian Chinese food that their web site menu claims they have at the downtown location.

  31. I assume that means the large buffet that was on Westheimer closed.

  32. I had a flight mid afternoon last Friday. Took 55 minutes from when I was sitting at my desk in my house in West U until I was sitting at my gate pretty far into the terminal, including parking at EcoPark 2 and taking the shuttle in.

  33. I wonder what the fuck happened between 2018 and 2021? Anybody know what the fuck happened?

  34. Clearly George Soros funded an effort to inject microchips in millions of Americans, which receive 5G signals to control their minds, in order to ultimately create a New World Order. Crime is just a minor side effect of this greater good, of course.

  35. I'm pretty sure this is Harris County Constable and not Houston City Constable. So it's the county, not the city.

  36. Google Earth has historic imagery that will show you after the flooding largely went back down, dated 8/30/2017, so you will only see the aftermath of the Bellaire/Meyerland flooding. I suspect that is the same as what you have linked to.

  37. The Toyota Center is indoors. The noise ordinance really only applies to venues that are outdoors, or that have very poor noise insulation.

  38. Thanks! I thought it was for all venues with noise that sell alcohol so I appreciate it.

  39. The point of the latest changes to the noise ordinance is to not annoy people in homes within 300 feet of a venue. First, there are no homes within 300 feet of the Toyota Center (though there is an apartment complex but I don't know if that counts). Second, there's no way the sound from the Toyota Center is going to be very audible outside anyway.

  40. That video is amazing. I can't believe I've never seen it before. Thanks!

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