1. Thank you for the advice! 😊 I’ve been planning to use white charcoal and grey paper since someone else recommended it to me so I’m pleased someone else finds joy in using them also! I’m trying to come up with the best technique for proportions (at the minute I use the grid method) so if you have any tips on that I’d love to hear it! Thank you 😁

  2. Nice! I find that trying to get things perfect and exact hasn’t worked in my favor so much as shooting for the feel/likeness of the person (what is it that makes them, them?) I notice that because of that my drawings aren’t perfect proportionally but that I am satisfied with the recognizability of the person.

  3. Yes I love how you put things. I think your drawings are lovely and I hope you carry on the way you are! 😊

  4. Awh thanks. I hope it was helpful! Happy arting :)

  5. Hahaha nice! I got fired from there 10 years ago for not smiling enough. Anyways, beautiful work. Have a great day! :)

  6. I hope you’ve now found a place you can be yourself! Thank you so much :)

  7. Your BF is hot AF and looks quite a lot like my husband, if I could convince him to grow his hair out a bit! Stunning drawing

  8. He is extremely hot, and he makes me crazy. Sounds like we are both pretty lucky ;p

  9. This caught my eye, really good job. I especially like the hair - head, beard and arms, the folds on the trousers and the knots in the wood. Also cats are cool.

  10. Thank you! So glad all those details came thru!

  11. That's really cool, great work! Is it charcoal?

  12. Thanks! This is digital, made in procreate

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