1. I used to live in a house with my bedroom window being in the L shaped part. My neighbors walkway light would cast amazing shadows on the side of the house and I'd lay in bed looking at them. So beautiful and nothing feels more summery to me.

  2. My children's daycare recently asked for scraps like this for their crafting needs

  3. If it helps I just finished a quilt top with a super similar layout as the first!! Check my post history

  4. That's beautiful! I love the florals. It's hard to compare/pick layouts when the color scheme and fabrics are so different! You did a lovely job

  5. I bought this adansonii and this marble queen today. I had a plastic bag covering each plant. The bag blew off the adansonii and it was definitely damaged by the cold! The bag seemed to make a huge difference. If anyone has tips on nursing a frost bitten plant to life please do let me know!

  6. I can't count either. I have a pile of 'these will go in a random quilt' extras.

  7. Omg me too! I started making scrap mini quilts for my kids. But I have enough that I think I will just make a legit scrap quilt eventually

  8. It will be totally fine there, but the best is indirect light ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I hate to be that guy. It looks gorgeous.

  9. It gets this lighting for about 20-30 minutes before the sun is filtered/blocked quite a bit more. I used to have it hanging by a different window that gets much less light but had to move it to make space for the Christmas tree. It will end up back at the lower-light window before the summer sun is out.

  10. Thanks! I had a lot of fun making those ones! Super quick to knit up and it wasn't super difficult to un-knit when I inevitably made a mistake ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. For the slouchy looking hats - Knitpicks Hawthorne in various colorways. The one I'm wearing is Karaoke Speckle. I don't have a pattern link, my sister just relayed it verbally to me. Garter stitch in a square to the size you want, sew it up.

  12. Reverted njoys/ pearls and Jade are actually called emerald pothos. I saw one similar like this and yes I separated it from the pot and propagated it. It does keep the color. It also grows faster than the njoy/p&j. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  13. Is there a way to get it to actually revert? I've got either an njoy or pearls n jade....I have the tag somewhere, I just forget at the moment. I'd love for it to revert if it grew better ๐Ÿ˜† mine is fussy and I find myself fiddling with it constantly to make it happy

  14. Is the newest leaf fully reverted to green? Mine was fully green and it kept pushing out green variegation. Not sure how to make it more green tho .-. I guess itโ€™s all up to the plant and the mutation/reverting it decides to have. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. Fair enough, just thought I'd ask. I don't have any green leaves! I will just have to let the plant do it's thing

  16. That is so cool and adorable!! I too am obsessed with jellyfish, sharks, rays, narwhals... They're just too cool! I bet your son is going to be quite happy with a little collection of jellyfish!

  17. So far he is! My kids got a beautiful encyclopedia for Christmas with gold edged pages and a gold embossed cover. They love it! I want to get the matching space one for my son, his birthday is coming up. And my husband just convinced him to ask me for a rocket ship for his next reward ๐Ÿ˜† so maybe my amigurumi will become more space themed. I could see my daughter asking for Jupiter....

  18. You have done an amazing job so far. Maybe just by repotting it you will solve your problem by giving the roots more room to breath and more contact with soil to uptake water. Normally plants sacrifice lower leaves for the new growth if they aren't getting enough nutrients. I would try repotting it and give it a week to adjust and see if it helps. If not, the shock of the repot should be over and done with and carry on with the chop and prop. Good luck!

  19. That's good advice! I just picked up fresh soil today and that behemoth pothos was replanted a couple weeks ago and left the perrrrrfect size pot behind. I will try replanting it before chopping it.

  20. i did a double take because i thought this was mine for a second. literally looks exactly like yours. iโ€™m experiencing the same issue, unsure whether to prop or not. its gotten very tall

  21. I had success with my last Schefflera prop (which is the plant you see here lol). I cut it off a dying mother and this thing has put out insane growth! Two years ago it had about 4 leaves and was about 3" tall. It's grown about 3" and has put out all those top leaves in the past month or so. It's nuts! But this week the teeny tiny hand-looking leaves instantly shriveled up, they didn't really grow at all after the leaves were put out. Hopefully we can figure out the best course of action! I just don't want to shock my little guy. I had initially propped this for my husband to take to work. Then my son was born and my husband was taking a few weeks off to be at home....then covid and work from home life happened and this guy has stayed put! It's technically my husband's plant but he's letting me prop it

  22. If you're talking about the orange tinge I think it might be getting too much light....looks a bit like sunburn

  23. Made with scraps from my grandma's stash that was given to me after she passed earlier this year, as well as some new fabrics that I purchased and fabrics from my stash (mostly leftovers from quilts made for my kids)

  24. Very beautiful! I love the snowman background but it makes me want popcorn!

  25. What yarn did you use? Where did you find a pink pom pom? It took my breath away. It's so pretty

  26. I believe I used knitpicks Brava in blush for this hat....I had a couple unlabelled, partially used skeins of yarn in my bin. I know I've also bought the exact same color at Michael's but it was probably loops and threads.

  27. Hi reallysmartferret, thanks for posting your piece for us to see! Don't forget to link the pattern you used & other relevant information (e.g., yarn, weight, type; hook used). Add it in a reply to this comment, so others can find it easily. Thanks!

  28. Really depends upon your batting. Check the bag or company web page for how close together it should be.

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