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  1. You missed the point. Obviously you didn't pick up the slang— you were 11 lmao. A college aged individual is much more likely to pick up the slang than an 11 year old, given they can actually understand the context it's being used in.

  2. More so the comment was on the lines of being young and easily influenced ;) point not missed you're just closed minded and grouchy

  3. Yikes... Who hurt you today, cause I know it wasn't me. I didn't say anything close to being offensive. Maybe explain yourself like a decent human being would if you think I've also missed the point rather than resorting to name calling. I'm close minded and grouchy simply because I didn't understand your point? Enjoy being miserable with that nasty attitude✌🏼

  4. Y'all can stop complaining about Michael being the bachelor now.

  5. I just KNEW Brandon was going to get engaged. I haven’t spoiled myself until now.

  6. He and Serene are going to be the IT couple. I really hope they work out🤞🏼

  7. I'm from Canada so I assumed everyone in LA was tan lol, just from what I know about the weather in LA and the type of people who live there. Guess you learn something new everyday!

  8. And given they tried/are trying to launch their own brokerage where you can buy in crypto, I’m guessing she probably invested in it too- had to be rough, and makes their whole brokerage idea less unique and valuable right now too

  9. I honestly think the reason she's been spotted at so many fashion shows lately is because her marriage is (seemingly) failing and her job with the Oppenheim group is over, so she's trying to establish her name in the high fashion world. If Christine and her husband divorce, she'll likely have no part in the BTC brokerage he plans on establishing. I think this explains so many things, including why she's been spotted without her wedding ring several times and why she's looking thinner than usual lately (stress as well as getting ready for the runway?)

  10. Given she was photographed walking the runway at the Balenciaga show, it's clear now that that's the reason she's gotten so thin. Now I wait to see if the rest of my theory is right.

  11. I appreciate that she actually seems to care about creating good and consistent content and is tune with what her audience wants. Whereas Serena P doesn't seem to put much effort into any of her posts, including ads, and it seems like her feed is mostly ads, with relatively little about her personal life. I still follow her to see what she's up to and for any couple/wedding updates, but her feed is pretty boring. I feel like she kind of has a similar insta vibe to Caelynn, but Cae does a much better job of sharing her day to day life and engaging with her followers imo.

  12. Nailed it on the head about Serena. For someone with an educational background in PR, my God she's horrible at creating good content. All she posts are ads, pictures of hers and Joe's meals asking, "who ordered better?", and pictures of herself being stuck at the airport. We get it... you're stuck at the airport again. Sigh.

  13. Lolol I just checked her stories today and she was literally stuck at the airport again. Idk why they seem to always have cancelled/delayed flights... or maybe other people do too and they just don't post about it.

  14. And God forbid she uses that time to actually edit together a good post/reel to engage her fans. Instead we're always getting pictures of her sneakers in the airport with a caption of her complaining about her flight being cancelled. She's so ridiculously bad at marketing herself on social media compared to other contestants. It's sad cause I wanted to really like her given she's a fellow Torontonian.

  15. No native speaker here: identify as a furry??

  16. i am a native English speaker and i don't even have any idea what this means lol

  17. I now know who i will be asking to dj my wedding (whenever i get myself a fiance🤣)

  18. Bad shit goes on every single day, whether in America or in another part of the world. People are allowed to celebrate the good things in life while also recognizing that there are some things (politically, economically, morally, etc) that still need to be worked on.

  19. Both my middle school and high school (near LA) have had several famous alumni, but that’s over the course of decades… definitely not that many in such a short period of time.

  20. I mean, that's also in the LA area So, of course it's more likely for a bunch of famous people to have gone to the same schools.

  21. Am I alone in thinking julia fox is not cute and hate everything she wears?

  22. literally came here to comment this... her outfits are nothing more than hot garbage

  23. It looked to be mostly jersey shore cast and some other random people I don’t know beside gianina and Blake. It was super weird how they just got on the beach and boom the show starts with no introductions.

  24. There's only one person from Jersey Shore on the show— Angelina. But, they have people from other Shore shows like Geordie Shore and Acapulco Shore.

  25. This person is causing you immense amount of grief and you don't even know him. It shouldn't be this hard when you haven't even met yet. The fact that you don't know what he looks like and you're this attached is a bit frightening actually. You may not find him attractive at all if you were to ever see what he looks like. There are a lot of people out there who will take advantage of vulnerable people by making them feel loved/wanted/etc, so just be careful. I'd listen to the advice of others in this sub and cut this relationship off completely and avoid starting relationships through sites like Reddit and Discord. Are there any dating apps you can download so that you can meet someone who lives close to you? You should cut this off asap before this person learns more information about you.

  26. I see a lot of people talking about how Real World had contestants working while on the show— which is true. Another show that did this is Bad Girls Club. It actually was popular for reality tv to do this during the '00's and early '10's

  27. Absolutely not. First, it's been so many years and she already decided once that he wasn't her person, so I don't think much would change her mind now. Second, they would literally hate each other. Nick would get irritated by her personality so quickly and she would get bored by his. They just don't work together.

  28. Riverdale has been horrendously bad since like season 3. I feel so bad for the actors being trapped on such a terrible show because they can all do way better than this dumpster fire. Once they introduced that weird Chic storyline (which still feels poorly structured and incomplete imo) the show has been going downhill fast. The Griffins and Gargoyles storyline is the worst storyline this show has ever come up with. This supernatural crap is a really close second though.

  29. Robert Knepper was never on The Walking Dead. He lost his hand on Prison Break. You're not remembering correctly.

  30. Dude... That's Michael Rooker who did that. Robert Knepper was never on The Walking Dead. Everybody is telling you he wasn't on it and you've admitted to not finding any articles about him being on it... So seriously what do you think the answer to your question is at this point?

  31. That was Chris, not Damian. And they didn't get back together.

  32. Oh whoops, been a while! I know for sure Liberty and Damian were flirting at one point in time though while Emma was in the mix— Can't remember the exact scenario though atm. And Emma for sure at the very least tried to get back together with Chris, whether successful or not, after Liberty expressed interest.

  33. Damian cheated on Emma with Liberty and Liberty was perfectly fine with keeping it a secret until Toby told everyone. Not really Emma's fault there lmao.

  34. Okay... and that wasn't the scenario I was originally referring to anyway, I was referring to the one with Chris (who I mistakenly thought was Damian). I said I remember there being a situation with Liberty/Emma/Damian and that's why I said Damian's name and not Chris'. Chill.

  35. Wait I just read Season 1, I was thinking of kyra from the latest season 🤣

  36. I think it looks just like her when she was around the ages of 18-20. She has fillers now so of course she looks different. And, I mean she is a model, so not like it's impossible.

  37. Not even just how he treated Alli, the way he treated Adam, Spencer, and Connor as well was super gross. This guy literally thought he was so much better than Spencer and Connor based on absolutely nothing and would talk shit about them behind their backs only to be made a fool out of by the jocks he wanted to be apart of so badly. Dave was always trying to muster himself up onto a higher platform. His character was totally and completely awful, but it always makes me feel bad to talk shit about him because he's now dead in real life😐

  38. I mean I agree but to a point. She was so rude to people who disagreed with her and expressed it in a respectful way in her comments section or via DMs. They were private users and she would post their handles and they would probably get hate. They didnt sign up for that, and people want to ask questions and learn and can disagree.

  39. I know exactly what you're trying to say. She's very condescending and has a "better than you" attitude. She's the worst.

  40. This is actually wild. Chrishell is 40, her situation is nowhere close to the situation that you're describing. It's common for women to have children into their 40s, especially with their second and third child. I also think it's not fair for children when their parents had them out of pressure or desperation. Chrishell should absolutely be taking time to explore herself after her divorce and break up with Jason before having a child.

  41. Okay, never said she couldn't have a child in her forties, just that time is running out. I just hope she doesn't get well into her fifties, regrets not having a child earlier, and hastily decides to go through with a surrogate because she froze her eggs way back when. You might think this take is wild, but because I've seen how having an older parent has effected someone first hand, I just have sympathy for that potential child. It's hard to be the kid in the class with a parent 3x older than everyone else's. It's depressing because you feel like while everyone [hopefully] has years left to spend with their parents, your time with them is running out. And given this child would presumably only have one parent (Chrishell) it makes that all the more painful.

  42. And I said it’s common for women to have children in their 40s.

  43. So, once again, the main point of what I said went right over your head. You completely ignored the part where I said that I just hope she doesn't wait too long and she ends up being in her fifties finally realizing she should have had a kid sooner, since the original comment I responded to was stating that she's not rushing to have a kid at the moment. Never not one time did I say you couldn't have a kid in your forties, idk why you keep bringing that up. Your point about it being common for women to have children in their forties has nothing to do with anything I'm saying. Clearly you're not reading before responding. As a woman, I'm aware you can have children in your forties. I simply said she's running out of time to decide. It's really not that to difficult to understand.

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