1. I seriously lost brain cells looking at this

  2. Sweet, sweet baby. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture

  3. I love her so much! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture! I know her friends were happy to see her and they are all cuddling together

  4. OMG!!! It must be illegal to be so ridiculously cute

  5. I want to go hiking with Ajax- he looks like the bestest of boi’s!

  6. That….smile. He tried so hard in his picture and did such a good job! I love him

  7. When it’s super early or late that’s usually how we interpret it:)

  8. I’m happy just seeing how happy he is! Tell him I love him!!!

  9. Omg!! Please tell Ringo I love him! He looks like the best boi!

  10. Omgoodness! He is so smart and clever!!! I love him!!

  11. Omg . I read this and thought, please let this be me

  12. Every time I slide into the drivers seat, I say to myself “ I love this f*#king car”. Every. Single.Time.

  13. You get Hunny B to bed and read her a story RIGHT NOW

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