1. There’s a key and Peele skit. Of a basketball player telling kids that they could do literally anything if they put their mind to it, including flying off the side of a building into the night sky.

  2. Or they are sleeping with older women. Or each other. This presumes that the sex being had is heterosexual sex.

  3. Yep! I tried to do flowers but my hand kept shaking so I did eggs instead 😅😅

  4. I like the eggs better!!! Flowers are nice, but I’ve never seen egg nails!

  5. Yeah but the Macho Man also died of a heart attack while driving his corvette. If he wasn’t crying all the time and doing steroids and cocaine he might now have had such a broken heart and still been alive driving for Uber in a Prius in UpState New York telling stories about the time he used to own a Station Wagon and say the Grand Canyon with his bitch of an ex-wife who got deep into Hulkamaniana and ended up fucking a bunch of black dudes because she picked up a group of BBCs like a 6 pack of Miller light. But what do I know?

  6. This comment gives the tone that you think he deserved death because of his struggles with drug addiction. No compassion. I’ve never dealt with drug addiction but some people just see it as that’s just the outcome of their actions and completely ignore that it is a mental addiction and it’s not just as easy as quitting drugs. Like depression some people can win the battle some people lose. And it’s really sad.

  7. Tbh I might buy it just for the bottle even though I never thought I’d buy 818, it’s cute

  8. Watermelon seeds actually DO cause weight gain. When you eat watermelon seeds it causes a watermelon to grow in your stomach and watermelons are pretty heavy.

  9. He’s always been in somebody shadow. He’s going from being David Beckham son’s to Nicola Peltz’s husband. He doesn’t want his own identity.

  10. She literally looks like me as a kid putting balloons under my shirt as if I had tits

  11. I also know that he has dealt with some mental issues and it’s pretty easy to snowball from one thing to another. It isn’t cool that a self-proclaimed scientific channel is essentially calling someone ugly and not good enough… based on science

  12. I don’t really understand the science though, and it’s low key racist to me. Example he’s got a video about how skull shape can make one more or less attractive. Some ethnicities of people predominantly have the less attractive skull shape.

  13. First off Kanye isn't in charge of kims body ..your opinion is dangerous to women's rights to their own bodies ...btw did you ask your hubby if you could join this sub? ...I'm suprised this kinda thinking still exist after women seeking the right to govern their own bodies...oh wait you must be on the Supreme Court...I do hope your husband allows you to continue to drive and vote..smdh

  14. The post saying if procedures killed his mom, why does he choose to be with women who get plastic surgery done. Has nothing to do with Kanye being in charge of Kim’s body.

  15. Ah ok. Thought Kanye showed up as a surprise guest at one of C.Breezy’s tour stop..I know he’s touring right now

  16. I’ve never seen anyone refer to Chris Brown as C. Breezy. Aside from Chris Brown in his own songs.

  17. Someone please tell me that kids can end up with gaps and crooked teeth after the baby teeth fall out or did this lil girl just get blessed with amazing teeth? My 3 years in braces self cannot relate 😂

  18. No I’m serious she’s a little kid why are her teeth straight like that does she have braces? Is it a filter

  19. Girl, I didn’t call him ugly but I certainly don’t think he’s it. I’m not going to pretend he’s the cute one. It has nothing to do with being black like you weird people wanna insinuate lmao. He just ain’t it.

  20. her rebrand is crazy and surprisingly so successful. from teenage YouTuber making fart jokes to Louis Vuitton muse and vogue cover. it’s really crazy

  21. It’s because she’s extremely thin. Louis Vuitton and vogue think it’s fashionable

  22. I think Chwistian Bale has a slight lisp when he does the Batman voice

  23. But if she prefers privacy these days why does she post Stormi all the time.

  24. True, I read another theory on here that the boys aren't considered as "marketable" which is very disturbing if true.

  25. I saw something about that. And a konspiracy that they want people to keep talking about the baby for as long as possible to distract from astroworld, so they are prolonging the baby reveal.

  26. I feel like he gets press like he’s a rockstar but he feels more like an industry plant.

  27. People really look too much into the body language in photos. I think he’s awkward and insecure about his looks and that’s the body language I can see.

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