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  1. The rider request rides are the WORST. There will be a song I like, a few that are ok, and the rest will be just absolute dreck that doesn't go together. It isn't so much that Matt has awful musical taste (if you enjoyed frat parties in 2003, it's great!), but that requested music is going to be very miscellaneous and any individual rider is likely to hate some of it. For me, any rock music that isn't classic rock is not my thing, and the request rides are full of it.

  2. The not eating real food is going to make this diet temporary. If you’re really into it for now, maybe have an off-ramp plan to healthy food you cook yourself. I looked up muscle food and it’s boxed meals. Better than shakes, and fine short term, but might not integrate well with a social life.

  3. Gummy bears. I just figured out last week that my appendicitis like feelings were caused by the smart sweets. I’ve also had trouble with haribo bears with malitol.

  4. My body feels really different. Knees and ankles don’t hurt like they used to, so I don’t avoid stairs now. It’s not totally perfect because I do get some wear and tear from weight lifting. Things that were hard are easy—like carrying a heavy suitcase. I can find clothes more easily and a larger range of styles looks good. It’s so nice to be able to wear the jewelry I inherited from my grandma—the necklaces were too short before, and the rings didn’t fit.

  5. YTA. If you want them to have hot food, put it on plates, set the oven to warm / 200 and it will hold just fine. If you do not want to share, do not make portions for them. Don't tease them with cold gooey food if it's a tacit "they should wake up early" technique. They are teenagers, they will sleep more than adults. The fact that they're waking up at 9 is a miracle.

  6. It's low impact, which can be helpful if you have joint pain or a good thing to work into anyone's rotation. I have had a precor in my house for ten years and work it into my program twice a week. It's nice to get a little movement in, especially during the winter, if I'm sore from doing other things. It's not as much of a workout as running would be, but just like swimming, it has a place in most people's routine.

  7. You must have a TON of muscle if your numbers are accurate. You are also at a normal BMI. So quit worrying!

  8. Go to the free D2 school. They are more invested in you as a player. It is also an advantage to make connections in your home community. Connections are local, and those you make in another city will only help you settle there. If you plan on living in your home city, go to school there too.

  9. NTA. Next time cut the thing into slices, wrap them up, and put it in the freezer. Let it sit out on the counter a few minutes before you eat it. There is no reason you can't have cake, even if your wife cannot. If she doesn't want to make you a cake, I get it. Buy one from the bakery or make it yourself. I am on a perpetual healthy eating regime and I also love cake. My birthday cake goes in the freezer after a day to be thawed piece by piece when it fits in my plan.

  10. I'm older, out of shape, overweight, and inflexible with a bad back. Just bought my Peloton yesterday for delivery in mid Feb. I'm expecting the rides, and even the yoga and meditation, to be too hard at first. Im not even sure I can sit on the floor cross legged! Take your time, we will see progress! I'm looking forward to it. Very excited.

  11. Sitting on the floor cross legged will be easy or hard depending on your anatomy! My husband is in shape and has been practicing Zen Buddhism seriously for 15 years. He still can’t sit cross legged on the floor. If that’s you too, don’t be afraid to sit in a chair or use a kneeling posture with a bench. It’s all about your hip to knee turnout or lack thereof.

  12. Let's say I'm hungry, I check what I have and how I want to combine it and then make it. I think it would be nice to have some broccoli with it, but I'm out. So I go to the store and get it. Or, I see I have some string beans and use that. Or if its really late or for whatever reason I cant buy it, i do something else with what I have or I order. And I'm fine.

  13. So...you never use a recipe? Most of your food is probably not great tasting. No wonder you dislike food and eating!

  14. Some people don't need recipes to make tasty meals, using recipes is actually for amateurs

  15. The pros have a curriculum full of classic recipes memorized and then develop their own for their restaurants. They do not throw together preprepared crap with some broccoli in half an hour—unless, that is, they’re cooking at Applebees or Chilis. Cuisine is an art and to do it well requires actual knowledge and discipline, and that includes using recipes to learn the portions for things like Bechamel until you have it memorized.

  16. Try upping your calories for a day or meal at least. If you're actually eating what you think you are, you're probably due for a "whoosh." Bodies retain water for different reasons, and your plateau is probably water weight. Sometimes cortisol increases with a lot of restriction, so you can seem not to be losing. In general, you're going to need to eat more than you are eating. You are not getting your full amount of nutrients.

  17. Try not to freak out. You're fluctuating a lot, but I'm guessing a good bit of it is water weight. Eat lower salt food for a couple days, drink enough water, and some of it will come off. Water weight goes up and down! Stress does not help your weight at all either.

  18. This used to be one of my favorite meals as a kid. My mom put a little tomato sauce on the breed slices, then cheese and pepperoni. We called it "pizza bread."

  19. It gets much better as you get lighter and stronger. You'll start to really enjoy it.

  20. Nice hands, big brown eyes, beards. Jokes. Interests and hobbies that people actually want to talk about!

  21. In terms of books, I really liked The Obesity Code and Brain Over Binge. I didn’t implement everything I read but they were interesting and I felt they supported me in finding my way. I also like Atomic Habits for behavior modification.

  22. One of each instructor with the same name must be fired. Jess King or Jess Simms Hannah Frankson or Hanna Corbin Emma Lovewell or Ally Love (it is close enough)

  23. In any group, there are always going to be repeat names. It's just Murphy's Law of Uncreative Parents. My bowling league is not huge and somehow we have two Marcis (both with an i), two Nancys, and two Jens.

  24. How about having our metrics be the power to weight ratio - I’m always in the bottom of the leaderboard because as a petite woman, there’s only so much resistance and speed I can do compared to the majority of people who are larger than me.

  25. I’ve gotten zone minutes teaching and being in traffic before. It can either be that you’re stressed, picking up the heart rate, or something you’re doing is causing the device to read wrong. I get extra fake steps when I teach because I talk with my hands.

  26. I remember last time the prof just let me signed a document for integrity but dean office didn’t send me anything.

  27. That’s all there is on a first offense. If you read your document, it probably gave you a time period to contest it.

  28. Get yourself at least one well-fitting pair of jeans in your size each time you go down. It will do wonders for your confidence. The fit of pants matters more than shirts!

  29. I get almost all of mine on Amazon! You just have to figure out what you want to buy first because there’s no good browsing. When I am looking for new things to teach, I look up prize winners—editorial planeta, maybe I will Google premio de literatura juvenil, and see what I come up with. If you want specific recs, I teach literature in Spanish to undergrads so if I know your level and interests there’s a good chance I can make a recommendation.

  30. Your pedal stroke might be uneven! Try some of Matt Wilpers's low impact classes. He does pedaling drills in those that I found really helpful. You might also play with your seat and handlebars adjustment. The other thing is simply backing off that resistance. If you're a lower weight person, you might just not have the body weight to drive the resistance you're trying to in the saddle at that cadence. You might be more consistent out of the saddle because it lets you use your weight as leverage. Small people tend to prefer oos and high cadence. I used to weigh 70 pounds more than I do now and while I am fitter, I can't grind those high resistances as well as I could when there was more mass.

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