1. If dead animals are a trigger, then I'd be careful. Most of the gore is in the world design, not in the actual gameplay. While you can explode the heads of zombies, or even dismember them at times, the real gore is what you find around the maps. Dead and decaying bodies, both human and animal. Horse corpses torn apart and bloody entrails on display. That kind of stuff isn't everywhere, but you will encounter it from time to time

  2. Thought this was a guilty gear album cover at first

  3. Not enough belt on the characters to be from guilty gear lol

  4. I'm gonna need you to go ahead and undraw that. I have enough trouble sleeping as is

  5. I only ever use it on the Bertier. It's a niche ammo with limited utility, but with the Bertier, you can always choose to not use it if the situation doesn't call for it. Similarly, I only use dragon's breath on the Romero for the same reason

  6. The saddle's for the new hunter with the horse head. You can ride him into battle

  7. I don't know why but that made me chuckle

  8. This is one of the conflicts I've found. One guide says to send Geirat out right after you beat Wolnir, to talk to Siegward when you find him in the kitchen, and that Geirat should then be back at the shrine. Another source specifically says to *not* talk to Siegward.

  9. I've had success with Greirat surviving both by talking to and not talking to Seigward in multiple playthroughs. Just make sure that you do not enter Irithyl dungeon before defeating a boss, since his questline will only update once you beat a boss

  10. I legitimately thought you just mikiri countered his thrust

  11. Yellow barrels don't actually deal any explosive damage, they just set things on fire. If it was a red barrel, it would have been a one-way ticket to the afterlife

  12. The jiggle implies that the face is just part of the costume. What's really under that mask?

  13. If I understand correctly, to do so one has to be hit during a specific point of unsheath animation?

  14. Basically, yeah. The video you linked actually explained that technique

  15. I'll definitely do more research on vacuum bags and seals! That's a great idea!

  16. Be sure to look into DBZ's capsule tech too

  17. I have a thing for emotionless girls...

  18. You've got a 100% chance of encountering inferno on Fridays (the 6th being the last day) and 50% chance every other day

  19. At first I thought the title said 'cancer dead' and was about to congratulate you on defeating cancer

  20. A majority of Pokemon breeding in the games happens between baby/newborn Pokemon and not fully grown/matured Pokemon. I'm sorry

  21. I didn't realize for a long time that collecting the branches killed him. I thought he just died at some point....needless to say, after getting the ring, I no longer pick up all the branches haha

  22. Wait, so... I've been the cause of his death all this time? He trusted me to defend the white trees and I betrayed him...

  23. Just had a similar bug, except I(solo) was in the middle of a fight with the bounty team(trio). I had killed one and traded with the second, so I revived, healed, repositioned and then BAM back to the lobby I went. Said the mission timer expired even though we were only 15 minutes into the match. Lost my whole hunter despite being grounded pact with a pledge mark

  24. I was social distancing before it was cool

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