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Panicked Elon Musk Reportedly Begging Engineers Not to Leave

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  1. Thanks for the update, but the real question did this happen to 2.5 million ppl and why the delay in reporting the problem to millions of ppl, it should have been reported ASAP not waiting to report a problem potentially to infect millions of ppl to a potential outbreak

  2. It's possible there's a misalignment between the legal requirements for a boil water notice and the scientific evidence for the need for one.

  3. yeah, what I have is around 5 micron and it needs to be around .02 micron to filter viruses.

  4. I understand, but when researching the question viruses are referenced as the smallest things you'd need to filter in the even of a boil water notice, that's why I mentioned it.

  5. Ah, yes I did notice this this morning in third ward.

  6. It’s more the federal government’s fault for not pushing for affordable housing in federally backed loans to developers

  7. fuck developers. if the government is going to be giving money away it should be to the renters. give the money to the renters, then tax the slumlords to recover the money.

  8. Give extra money to renters…. Rent prices go up while operating costs stay flat…renters essentially receive no benefit... Landlords have more profit to pay the additional taxes.

  9. Sounds to me like the problem is the market itself.

  10. I would happily pay you for lawyer work except for the fact that YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW THE LAW WORKS. It's comical watching you Comme t on how you want the constitution and justice system to unfairly punish someone.

  11. So please explaine your "moral" argument for him receiving a harsher punishment for his negligence..

  12. Your entitled bossy tone is all I see. Hush.

  13. Just waiting for our Kyle Rittenhouse moment. When a gay gun carrier fights off a few assholes that think it’s okay to bash them, a few rounds go off, smoke clears. What do you think the outcome will be?

  14. We needed it badly. My back door realigned itself finally.

  15. There's nothing inherently american about a fall harvest feast, unless you want to force a layer of american mythology onto it.

  16. Wow this is fascinating information. In my canon they become space commandos that listen to Judas Priest. Very interesting and relevant, right?

  17. Are you a noted science fiction author? No? Then no.

  18. Oh my bad, I forgot when you sell enough copies, fiction becomes fact. Now let me find the Harry Potter analog to this situation...

  19. Sir, you clearly didn't enjoy my comment. On reddit we have a clever mechanism for succinctly registering your negative opinion.

  20. "Groomers" is, of course, just the convenient cover to justify their sudden anti-gun stance now that leftists are defending themselves.

  21. That woman is doing more to protect children than any cop, soldier and certainly any school board official.

  22. The modern military protects the order of international capitalism. There hasn’t been a credible threat to American independence since 1812.

  23. You’re right, it isn’t the entire confederacy. Texas is part of the region called the Deep South. Ohio is not.

  24. No it's not. If you read that entire entry it says that "parts of" florida and texas can be included, such as east texas. if you click on the east texas definition, you'll see that denton county is explicitly excluded.

  25. The Deep South is a region, not a political or cultural mindset.

  26. "How dare those simple common folk vote for someone who does not treat Mattress Mac with the proper respect and deference!"

  27. Yo Mack, Musk might not be the best role model right now.

  28. I've not seen anyone hating black women here. Many of us do strongly dislike SJL, and it's because of her statements and actions, not her race or her gender. Again, this is you imparting racism and misogyny where there was none.

  29. Good job trying to deflect, as well as trying to bait me with nasty insults. You just keep proving to me that you are a hateful person who is a closet racist and misogynist.

  30. you're stupid, repetitive, mirroring and most damning... BORING.

  31. I see no reason to respond to bullshit like this sincerely. Click the meaningless thingy and continue as usual. An oath to a jackass like musk is no oath at all.

  32. Which strawman is claiming to be right 100% of the time? Does the persistence of the autobahn suddenly imply Hitler shouldn't have been vilified?

  33. You know what... Reddit debates are just wasting my day. You win.

  34. She’ll probably run for some office in Harris county in 2-4 years from now.

  35. traditionally it's poor investment strategy to throw good money after bad...

  36. tell that to Ralph Nader and Ross Perot and Beto O’Rourke :P

  37. Ralph Nader and his motivated naïve idealism that wouldn't let him see his responsibility in enabling the success of GWB. Ross Perot and his typical billionaire narcissism who believed he had a shot in hell who enabled BillyBob. Beto who is just some kind of masochist. It's not like Beto split any other ticket, at least. He just really loves tilting at windmills.

  38. oh this is the disgusting fuck who assaulted the asian HISD board member because he has some kind of racist agenda against POCs that aren't black.

  39. seems to me like the democratic party needs to give her the boot. just using her power to shake down the county for more funding.

  40. that's nice for you. your consent doesn't imply mine.

  41. Why limit your ethics to be bounded by the legal letter of the law when the actions of law enforcement are not?

  42. Calls for? Isn't he and his party in charge of the law enforcement apparatus of this state? Sounds more like he's ordering it.

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