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  1. First corner off of the straight you can get on the gas sooner and some turns you don't have to roll off fully

  2. While I'm not a huge fan of the channel, the content is appreciated. 190 km/h on first gear, surely not?

  3. 190 kmh is def in the ballpark! Your "basic" liter bikes are pulling 150+ kmh in first gear from the factory which is crazy to think about.

  4. Get what you prefer. Unless you're riding at the absolute limit (or just sitting around comparing spec sheets) the "better brakes, suspension, and power" will be meaningless. The main complaint I've heard about the RS660 was regarding the suspension when ridden hard, particularly by riders over 70-75 kg.

  5. Mostly brakes and suspension. A little power difference I don't care for. I'm a decent enough level of rider where I do notice the difference in brakes and compliance of the suspension.

  6. I live the look of the 660 tuono and the rs. Almost purchased one but went totally different direction a d picked up T120 but I ride longer and do a lot of city riding.

  7. Yup, I was able to loosen and then screw in the plunger and put it back. Now have some good play and range for the rear brake 👍🏼 (Downside is I stripped the head of one of the bolts that attach the MC and the rear sets 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️)

  8. You have an air leak somewhere. Watch a Youtube video on how carbs work. My wild guess is the air screw is backed out too much.

  9. i've heard of that. have you tried it?

  10. Yes, Lewis Hamilton uses it and it's been great for me. If you do get it slightly fade the feel remains consistent.

  11. Looks fun man talk to someone about body positioning and you’ll see quick improvements :) feels weird to hang off the first few days but it’s the only way I ride now haha

  12. I’m joking because I already knew the first comment was going to be “helpful tips”

  13. Stock is 150/60 which is already pinched on the rim. Proper size is 140 rear.

  14. Holy shit, that guy is a terrible, terrible rider. Not in the standard

  15. You know I thought he tucked the front right away but it started with him stomping on the rear brake lol. Sounds like a nice dude tho.

  16. Do it!! It's not a race replica i4, you'd be fine anyways with your experience. Have a blast dude!

  17. 500F all the way baby, reliable, super good looking, powerful, super beginner friendly, perfect bike, plus the all new 2022 model has upside down forks so even better suspensions and they added another brake disc at the front for additional breaking power.

  18. I disagree. The CB500F is very overweight at 420 lbs compared to the Z400’s 364 lbs. They make almost the same power.

  19. Best is Z400 followed by MT03. CB500F is a pig, it’s way heavier and engine sucks.

  20. i just hope they dont cheap out on electronics like they did with r7, proper up and down quickshifter, corner abs, TCS and TFT display. also 120~hp would be nice

  21. Electronics??? Traction control is overrated on light middleweights and is a kills the price.

  22. Gotcha! I'll be behind the Walmart parking lot in the mean time lmao.

  23. 250 sounds like it fits me as an inexperienced rider. As long as I'm on the road cruising I'm all good with that. :)

  24. For sure! Just don't plan on any real highway cruising though.

  25. RC 390 is a good starter in the small cc class, but it has the most aggressive ergos.

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