1. Itโ€™s from one of the Corocoro Comic exclusive sticker sheets i guess

  2. I believe there was an alternate sticker sheet from TT if I remember correctly had many different looking designs.

  3. Nope if it comes sealed in a box its value would double

  4. The rubber on my rsf is slightly tilted on striker lol, not bad but it makes him wobble at slow speeds

  5. Does it affect the actual battles do you think? I haven't battle tested mine yet

  6. I don't battle mine ๐Ÿฅฒ.. something 10 years old is easy to break..it spins well though

  7. My friend keeps it in the package itself because of its rarity.. a decent price is hard to comeby

  8. I dream of beys like Gryph Dragooon, Dark Flare Meteo L-Drago and Gold Wing Pegasis ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. They should add bearings to all eternal tips ๐Ÿ˜ช

  10. I wonder if one day I'll see a meme that actually uses that picture properly

  11. Cool ! Now get a Duo Uranus and swap their fusion wheels

  12. A Jade Jupiter inside an unopened random booster would cost like $40 (as they wont know its a JJ inside) .. but the booster sold "open" would get upto $100 in ones pocket. Explains why most sellers open and seal random boosters.. so I never trust them.

  13. Thanks. I want to eventually get the stadium with the three small walls on the sides. Bb-11 or something if I remember correct?

  14. When I did research on this variant, this one is actually a rare one because the facebolt has the orochi leviathan avatar etched on it

  15. Yooo this is still so beautiful after all that time, itโ€™s TT right?

  16. That's the one good thing about painted beys, Yup, never used it it battle ๐Ÿคญ

  17. Hades better, cause then you can make hades hades :)

  18. You happiness is the most important thing to me my master.. Have my up vote O yee enlighted one

  19. Hmm then we have to find which beys come with a metal stone face then After that weight each one

  20. Yeah, was curious why the heaviest one ain't listed online..unlike the previous gens

  21. No, you take two metal wheels from different shogun steel beyblades and put them together, that's synchrome.

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