1. Yeah I prefer flings. It’s okay to not be looking for an emotional relationship. I think as a gay man I THOUGHT I needed a monogamous relationship but that was just me thinking i need to be like my hetero friends

  2. yes the passion is ferocious but for it to be good hate sex there has to be a layer of deeply rooted love for the other person as who they are imperfections included

  3. This may be where we’re different, my last relationship made me feel differently about love and sex. He was so jealous it was abusive, he constantly thought I was cheating. First I wasn’t allowed to go to gay spaces like clubs, than I wasn’t allowed to have gay friends, than I wasn’t allowed to have male friends (he is a Virgo - Capricorn with no Scorpio placements but an 8th house moon). We were in love but it was a waste of 4 years.

  4. i’m still one of the conspirators who thinks jen had something to do with it because her reaction did not match anyone else’s energy and it’s off. 🧐

  5. Jen also has the unpredictable temper and was shit faced. However I’m tired of Heather and don’t really care.

  6. That sounds like anxiety. I hate starting new jobs because it gives me anxiety. So most the time for the first month, I hate everyone, do my job and cry myself to the bank 😆 I'm a bartender. Then I get used to my coworkers and then I like the job. ADHD makes being a restaurant worker super easy because you are multitasking so much and switching between tasks that it keeps your brain active. Restaurant jobs are a dime a dozen so I never have to worry about rage quitting and I'm actually insanely good at my job and even though bosses have threatened to fire me they don't because they are always bluffing anyway. Also any restaurant job resume can be faked. I know because I went from working in the kitchen for 6 years to faking my way into being a server and faked my way into being a bartender. Don't know what kinda job experiences you have but servers and bartenders make big bucks and there are sooooooo many tax write offs (I live in the US) that other severs and bartenders don't even know about. I take Adderall now for my ADHD and still kick but at my job because I like money. 😆 and I'm good at it.

  7. Do you have any advice for getting through the fear and trepidation I have that’s holding me back? I’m glad to hear you’ve found a good career im just sad that it’s so much harder for me.

  8. I’m in the same situation. I have no idea what’s going on an I’m incredibly stressed

  9. I replied to that mail and they just sent another bot answer back; what are you planning to do now?

  10. I’m honestly thinking about getting a new number, for multiple reasons. If I do I think that would be enough to circumvent the ban.

  11. I’ve tried wooden pipes they don’t seem weed friendly to me, too difficult to clean when they inevitably get rezzed up. Glass was my go to before I just switched to vaping which just feels cleaner to me.

  12. If you’re not sure don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Your friend is not being totally clear and I don’t personally struggle with interpretation. It’s totally okay to say “I’m not sure what you mean”

  13. Neither of them, I don’t see SLC lasting much longer tbh if they can’t bring people that can hold to themselves. They should have never of rushed season 3

  14. Replacing Jen will be hard, she’s been so central to the drama that I’m not sure the dynamic will work without her. The reunion is boring so far bc she’s not there.

  15. This just doesn’t speak to me as the examples of gays that they’re using are so upper class and sparkly, I can’t afford a surrogate, don’t own a home, and certainly can’t afford a business. Can we put some focus on how this effects working and middle class gays, we do exist.

  16. Yes but it’s indicative of a larger problem where a certain demographic of the gay community is highlighted and my demographic is frequently ignored. I already feel this way living in a financially competitive community and struggling to hold a job due to bipolar disorder.

  17. Hey, the dude misconstrued your context and started an argument different from the premise you set. Then he produced a bunch of data to supplement a point that you weren't even arguing.

  18. I don’t 100% agree with myself either lol. I’m not saying monogamy has no value or that it should be avoided. My belief is that feeling like you MUST be in a monogamous relationship whether or not it makes you happy is wrong.

  19. I think I got lucky, I had a guy say that to me and not a year later he was balls deep in me. Luckily he was pretty handsome and a good person overall.

  20. i used to be homophobic when i was deep in the closet, i wish to meet the ppl i hurt and apologize, i'd do it a million time and the guilt wouldn't go away

  21. Don’t be angry at yourself, you were trying to figure yourself out, just try and treat people well in the future ❤️❤️❤️. I was deeply closeted to and I participated in outing someone, I will never be able to apologize to him but I try and pay it forward.

  22. He’s a MTG wannabe and a sore loser. I’m not even familiar with the counties he represents.

  23. Nah, MTG just says stuff for attention. Mastriano actually believes the hate that comes out of his mouth. He's far more dangerous.

  24. Don’t panic just yet, PA voters made it very clear that we do NOT want to give him power. PA is a purple state but leans blue, especially in the last 6 years. While this kind of horse shit is disgusting, he just doesn’t have the support he would need to make this happens. It says in the article that he has no support from other state senators. Like MTG I believe he just doesn’t want to fade into irrelevance after losing the election.

  25. You are an expert 😉 never saw that G before

  26. As a rule I NEVER mix G with alcohol and like I said I use a measured dose and a timer to ensure that I don’t exceed a regular dose. I believe more in harm reduction.

  27. It’s pretty common knowledge that dishonesty and manipulation are common themes of unhealthy Scorpios. Its a shadow trait of the sign.

  28. A lot of people think she was on meth during scary island! Supposedly that’s why her room smelled like cat urine.

  29. Maybe try different brands. I had a bunch of Trojan ultra thin ones and I could never feel anything. Turns out they are just too narrow, I got some that were just a smidge wider and they work much better.

  30. Yes, so when I was in sex ed we were told “nobody needs large sized condoms” and then the instructor would put the condom over his arm to demonstrate that they’re one size fits all. I literally used to get bruising from using regular sized condoms and they were incredibly uncomfortable. When I actually decided to try a different size it really improved sex and didn’t make my head look all smushed. On top of that I thought it was normal for condoms to break after a few minutes. I’ll copy and paste the guide to what condom size ppl need based on their girth. To figure it out you need a soft tape measure.

  31. Start masturbating using condoms. It’ll help your dick get accustomed to the sensation of being wrapped up. I also don’t feel much with condoms but have found that jacking off with SKYN polyurethane condoms are really good for sensitivity issues. Plus they provide the added benefit of being available for people who are allergic to latex.

  32. I most recently used magnum skyn condoms which are supposed to let you feel more than regular condoms but I couldn’t feel anything. My bottom also didn’t enjoy himself because there was friction and it was painful.

  33. Bullshit, gay men are for more diverse than that.

  34. That’s exactly what I mean. Does no one know what “outdated” means? By definition stereotypes are sweeping generalizations that can never apply to a group since individuals within a group are all unique.

  35. You bring up a valid point: how the actor looks. Typically for biopics you need actors who look like the people they’re representing so the whole “so many qualified struggling actors” doesn’t fly, and nor does “white actor playing black person”. And it does seem like Theo has some facial similarities and is highly qualified and popular right now, so this will bring a lot of attention to a story about a gay character, thus casting him will help popularize a gay story bringing it closer to many viewers, whereas casting someone who isn’t currently relevant, just because he’s gay could do the opposite.

  36. I just personally feel differently, which is okay. I mentioned the indigenous American roles being played by white people as an example because that was common practice until fairly recently. It’s super racist because the roles were often very stereotypical and having someone with no indigenous background seems like a mockery of their culture and such.

  37. Hey, Aquarius here. I do agree with a lot of what you said but the part about us caring only about ourselves isn’t true unless they’re really unevolved. We are absolutely arrogant, we like to hear ourselves talk, and we aren’t good at feelings. That being said one of the most notable and best features of Aquarius is that we are here to make the world a better place and find fulfillment in being of service to people or other living things that need help. I overextend myself trying to help everyone, seeing suffering in others breaks my heart. Sometimes that help can make telling you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. We are very strange and confusing, especially for a Scorpio. Y’all are the most emotional we are the least emotional at least in the traditional sense. We form a square to each other so Scorpio and Aquarius tend to fight a lot, however if they work together Scorpios passion and drive and Aquarius’s altruism and idealism can truly change the world. People are just challenging for us. We struggle to connect.

  38. Sort of like clown assassin in an anime. I don’t like it, this is the stuff of nightmares.

  39. Omg this is so spot on. Definitely anime villain camp lol

  40. Ezri makes me 🥱. I really wish Terry Farrell would have stuck around for the last season at least in a recurring role. Maybe she could have been promoted and become a captain of a starship that worked closely with DS9? Sorry I just need to express how much Ezri bums me out.

  41. Exactly. My rule of thumb is, my hubby can fuck who he wants, he just can’t sleep with them

  42. I’ve heard people say “once is a hook up, twice is a fling, three times is getting serious”

  43. I will add to this, that this isn’t a “one and done” conversation, and so definitely keep the dialogue open as often as possible, “what does you both being ready look like?,” and when that happens what are the things that will make you, happy, safe and fulfilled. It is entirely possible to have a compromise on this, and feelings about certain aspects (playing together, separate, in public, repeat encounters, staying over at a hookups place) all of these things come up over time, so keep talking and not just when you’re horny. Communication will bring you closer together and make it stronger.

  44. Thank you for the respectful opinion. I’m gonna let him tell me when he’s ready :)

  45. I love it. I'll have to try that one. I had the same initial reactions, made my dick soft, could still fuck cuz I'm huge but my head light and made me not into it. Give it a few tries (if you want ofc) and you'll see what I mean. If you're looking for more natural boosters. Get high on weed, start fucking ur boy and take small puffs of poppers each time till you're both really into it. Then when you've eased back and they don't make you feel spiny, start taking more. Your fucks will be 💯and your bottoms will come crawling for more, which I assume they already do 😈

  46. Haha I am lucky literally can’t remember the last time I didn’t receive a text asking to hang again after a hook up. I’m very large (98th percentile) but I don’t think that alone makes me good in bed. I work extremely hard and I want my bottom to cum multiple times, on top of that I’m able to hold it in and stay hard for hours which is a great combination. I’ve heard bottoms complain that if a top is selfish and hung the sex is usually terrible because they don’t care that their bottom is in pain. I pay close attention to body language and facial expression as the “it hurts” face is very different from the “I fucking love this cock” face. I like to check in every once in a while and make sure they’re doing okay.

  47. The best tops often do. It honestly surprises me how a top can only focus on their pleasure in bed. Over half the pleasure comes from giving that pleasure to the bottom. Also if you're in 98th percentile, what am I bro. I thought I knew my measurements, now you got me spinning out if they gay inches lmao

  48. I can DM you, there is a proper way to measure that most people don’t do.

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