1. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with the top of his head.

  2. India's foreign policy issue is that it's a young, and very immature nation that doesn't really have a foreign policy. It will join the quad against China while forming stronger economic ties with China. It will seek closer ties to the west while being one of the biggest sanctions breakers with Russia. Having an actual alliance with anyone means making choices and taking sides, so India will continue to have no real allies until it has a coherent enough geopolitical strategy to do so.

  3. Yes. Thank you yes. Someone who gets it. It's like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. Agreed 99%, down to India not having an actual foreign policy and overly-comfortable Europeans being confronted with the fact that global politics is genuinely gross.

  4. Wow. 50k north Korean special forces! The US only has 70k and we have a population of ~330 million!

  5. A polite reminder that if China had a reliable way of recuperating this money/resources/services from their indebtors, they would have.

  6. What's the difference between China writing off debt vs the IMF?

  7. For 99.9% of the people that see this, this is the ONLY thing they will ever know about this person. Why the hell would you want this to be what people know you for?

  8. Also, as part of the 99.9% of people, I'd assume you center your personality around a politician, which is a red flag at any point of the political spectrum. An ideology? Strange to me, but I get it. A political campaign? Okay I get it!

  9. I always recommend full mage to people, it starts slow, but holy shit do the powerful later magics feel amazing to use.

  10. The end game ones in the DLC was probably one of the few times I felt, like, a wizard. Like a WIZARD wizard.

  11. The Taliban are complaining about having to run the country, does that count as in shambles?

  12. I will never get over those images of Taliban fights looking miserable pouring over financial reports and being bored at their desks. Careful what you wish for, I guess.

  13. I love these stories. In all the tragedy of Afghanistan's regression, it's absurdly funny to read how they hide from women at work because they have never talked to any women. Or that they can't live like they did during the war because their superiors will dock their pay if they don't put in eight hours a day. Or how expensive rent is in the capital.

  14. Yep. There were many crashes in aviation history because of the lack of English knowledge by either the pilots or the ground crew.

  15. Super irrelevant but that makes me think of the SNL skit where the airplane pilots pass out and the passengers have to land a plane in Scotland guided by a Scottish air traffic operator and it's HILARIOUS.

  16. Some exhausted Russian air force lieutenant, reading this: "...... well that's not good."

  17. I just did my skincare routine. Hope they’re enjoying being glazed and moisturized 💅🏼

  18. SPEAKING OF WHICH, they can cause rosacea! If you have bumpy/acne type of rosacea, these might be the culprits. I would know, because I basically had to take enough antibiotics plus douse my skin in enough prescription grade topicals to turn my skin into chernobyl to kill the tiny bastards.

  19. You mentioned sulfur, so I wanted to just leave this link for you here. This lotion contains sulfur and a small amount of hydrocortisone, and it has been an absolute godsend for my family (perioral dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, atopic dermatitis, but it is used for rosacea, too).

  20. Ohhh thanks, I'll look into this. Always looking to up my skin game. It's funny how I initiatially hated the smell of sulfur (then again who is born liking it?), and now I associate the smell with cleanliness and healing. 🤣

  21. I saw a few saying if wagner can achieve so much with shovels, imagine what they would do if they had guns lol

  22. For what it's worth, Putin's long tactic to scare the West has been to escalate to deescalate. Worked with, for example, Obama in Syria.

  23. 200 f-15, f-16, f-35 and jas 39. Top of the food chain.

  24. Lol is by definition IRL. That’s like saying I’m eating a burger with my mouth.

  25. You really don't. He's being pedantic and you don't gotta pretend he does, in fact, have a point.

  26. It's almost identical to Uber and Lyft, albeit a different type of service their platforms are being used for.

  27. Should mention, though, that Uber from early on purposefully subsidized their rides to strangle both legacy (taxis, cabs) and new (Lyft, etc) competition. Like Spotify and Netflix, it worked.

  28. Netflix is a completely different revenue model (subscription) than Uber and they were first to market. How is it in any way the same.

  29. And by "holy water" they mean white phosphorous and by "Russian city" they mean a "Ukranian maternity hospital"

  30. I love how a "normal day" in Russia doesn't involve the physical, economic, political, diplomatic, and spiritual war happening every day.

  31. That's what you get when you mix determination with sheer fucking hate for vatniks.

  32. That and there's nothing quite like the impending genocide of your people that helps focus the mind.

  33. I can see this bearing fruit in a decade or so. That isn't to say that the benefits are "too far awar" but sooner is almost always better than later, especially with something as endless complicated as literal rocket science. Even if the strategic alliance becomes shaky (think Saudi Arabia, Turkey who see alliance with US more as an opportunity to play sides than an actual partnership), a well-armed, modernly-equipped India's presence by itself could provide stability in the region.

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