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  1. Everyone has already provided great options, so I'm going to provide my specific two cents. I have been making this recipe bar nuts for a long time, and everyone always loves it:

  2. Bills fan answer on Singletary and Cook. Singletary will get most runs, cook will be used more in passing situations. Our coaching staff always gets rookies integrated slowly, so Cook might be a good late round investment, but I really see us rushing the ball more this season with backs instead of Allen. We have a new OLine coach, and improved guards. Not gonna be a bell cow situation but I could see the occasional big game out of both Singletary and Cook based on whatever the matchup is.

  3. Bills fan agreeing with other Bills fan on this analysis. Singletary will be good value in standard, especially early in the year. Cook will be good value in PPR, especially later in the year.

  4. I think James needs to bulk up before he can be an every down guy like kamara

  5. Agreed, but Kamara didn't become an 'every down' back until last year, his fifth in the NFL. From 2017-2020 he averaged less than 13 rush attempts per game while catching 81 or more balls per season. In 2021, he jumped up to average 18.5 rushes per game, but his reception total dropped to only 47 on the year (and likely had to do with losing Brees).

  6. We gave up 130 (the fourth rounder). 168 is the next pick, at the back of the fifth round.

  7. Ravens get pick 23. Ari gets Hollywood and pick 100

  8. People here seem to think they’re jumping for Hall but why trade the closest thing you have to an WR1 for a RB?

  9. Maybe they wanna run the ball on every down and hate JK Dobbins? I dunno

  10. Yeah, but at least dude had Josh Allen at #3 overall and Tremaine Edmunds at #9 overall. Not nearly as bad as the Josh Allen haters who thought he shouldn't go in the first round.

  11. gotta be mike williams or aaron maybin. those complete whiffs on top 10 picks just kill you, you're supposed to get a decade of top of the line play out of those picks.

  12. I really have to go with Mike Williams, surprised you're the only one who mentioned him.

  13. If he lasts until the Bills' 3rd rounder, I think maybe McBeane take their second cornerback of the draft in Marcus Jones from Houston. At only 5'8" he's not someone you want as your first CB taken in the draft class (I'm personally hoping we get a top CB in the first round), but his versatility to return kicks along with being an absolute ball hawk is intriguing.

  14. Drug dealers in clubs always take care of you if they say they will, one of my regular tips 100-200% for priority service.

  15. Pro athletes in clubs too. Priority service gets priority tip $$$.

  16. Welcome to the fanbase, like with Liverpool, you'll never walk alone.

  17. I held on to this jerk until about 10 days ago, just couldn’t carry both him and Husso any more. Someone in my league spot started him for the shutout, of course.

  18. This is like a crappy sports movie where the coach is trying to get through to his players on their terms.

  19. Yep. What would be rarer is a superstar son/duo. Seems like only 1 can ever reach superstar HOF status

  20. Only one I can think of is from hockey: Bobby and Brett Hull. Both Hall of Famers.

  21. In a bangers league (hits and blocks) I’ve got Adam Larsson, 22.8%.

  22. He really hasn’t. He was sick with COVID recently and in those matches Berghuis filled his role in an excellent manner (Klaassen at 10 was a slightly different story).

  23. Yeah, this is true, but that loss was more on the team around Brady, who still had a second half with a 60%+ completion rate and didn't turn the ball over until that final interception (and of course Peyton playing amazing). Don't get me wrong, FTP and FTB12, but Mahomes absolutely killed his own team in that game with multiple picks in the 2nd half, a fumble, and taking bad sacks in a way that Brady did not.

  24. Yeah I’m not gunna lie… I specifically said Stafford and not the rest of the team for a reason.

  25. Doesn’t Robert Woods get a ring if the Rams win? I’d add that as a reason to be ok with the Rams winning.

  26. I think perhaps the most important takeaway here is the context of those games:

  27. I'm already distracting myself with as much NFL Draft/mock draft content as I can find. Picking at 25, the rankings indicate we could get (and I've seen a few mocks that give us) Treylon Burks, a 6'3" 225lb receiver that worked mostly out of the slot in college. While I'd personally rather throw a first rounder at EDGE or CB (I don't think there's gonna be any IDL worth it around 25), its an interesting proposition to bring in a WR that would win inside with size and strength rather than how Cole works by getting separation in small spaces. I mean, having this guy and Dawson Knox on opposite sides could really create havoc for when opposing defenses only give Josh the underneath stuff.

  28. Been a lifelong Bills fan. It fits my DNA of supporting teams that used to be highly succesful but never the best. Mostly underperforming and collapsing on pivotal moments. Looking at you, Feyenoord.

  29. Lifelong Bills and Ajax fan here! Seems to me like Feyenoord is making some real interesting moves of late, like bringing over Bassett. How you like their chances in the ECL, with its long and storied history?

  30. I don't really care about best ever conversations, but I find it hard to believe any QB will surpass Brady. He just won too much, it is almost an impossible thing to match. Be nice if I was wrong, but that is a tall task.

  31. I’m pretty conservative with my predictions, so I’ll just say that after JA17 wins 10 consecutive MVPs and they rename the award after him, he’ll probably only win 4 or 5 Josh Allens before retiring.

  32. Looking at draft ‘expert’ boards, there should be real quality EDGE or CB available at 25 (and WR too, including outstanding slot guys). Hopefully Beane continues to draft pretty well.

  33. I do two different things to get my fix (like you, I use football to get through the week, I need football/something to look forward to on the weekend):

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