1. These are super rad! Especially that Monarch, wow. I love your artstyle, and I'm always thrilled when you have art in a set.

  2. I hadn't thought of those Mycosynth combos, that's really interesting! Thanks for the article.

  3. I've actually taken everyone's requests, and sorted them by the number of comic appearances they have. So it makes it easier to pick a simple one if I need to. That's also why we won't be seeing Silver Surfer any time soon. That man has been in a lot of comics.

  4. Makes sense! So that's a no on summarizing every comics appearance of Wolverine too? ;D

  5. Pointing out the static ability explains how the planeswalker is still useful when its loyalty is too low to use the loyalty ability, but it doesn't explain why some planeswalkers were designed like this in the first place.

  6. Worth noting that some of the rare walkers did have an ultimate, but then they didn't have any normal downtick ability. (Jace, Nissa, Chandra) Same deal though, they all had one static and two loyalty abilties, while the mythics all had four abilities total.

  7. She was turned into a vampire to keep her forever a teenager. The baby is Shogo, she takes care of him

  8. So what excuse do 90% of other comics teens have? ;)

  9. "A kick, or a punch" out of LOR-exclusive champs, I wonder if that suggests Sevika from Arcane. She sure was punchy!

  10. That's sad that the Hollow Sentinel token that [[Venser, Corpse Puppet]] makes vaguely resembles Karn.

  11. It’s so weird that there wasn’t a side story dealing with Venser, there’s clearly a story there.

  12. I think there's probably a lot of worldbuilding implications to the specifics that a story like that would need to address, and they'd rather just leave it be. Also, that story would be exclusively sad.

  13. As opposed to the sunshine and rainbows of the rest of the ONE stories. ;)

  14. This was cool, things shift around a lot more when it's not even starting from the point of a legendary creature or planeswalker. I especially like to hear about commons and uncommons that R&D things could be a constructed shot, getting the balance right on those must be hard. The Anticipate might hit, we'll see.

  15. Gambit already isn't super great bc it's so combo reliant and has multiple counters that are common in the meta, making it require a card to discard to get a destroy would make him suck. He's also not that common in the meta (in my experience at least) so I'm not really sure why so many ppl are complaining about him. This combo has existed forever and I've never heard anybody complain about it until recently. If it's that bad for you start carrying Enchantress or good boy Cosmo

  16. The point isn't really "Gambit is OP to work like this", it's "cards need to be worded more consistently to make ability interactions more clear".

  17. The wording seems pretty clear to me on this particular card. There's others with some confusing wording but I don't think so with Gambit. Most of the discussion I've seen tho is that Gambit shouldn't destroy if you can't discard, which is a nerf that would kill this card

  18. Zola in this case is the wording being looked at the most closely, how the requirement for something to be destroyed is not clear.

  19. Four mana, attacks as a 5/4 vigilance at common? Not bad at all.

  20. They need to fix this card. People seem to constantly have an issue with this card and trample, or put some warning like they do for other cards "Are you sure you want to assign damage this way"

  21. Yeah, it'd be nice if the game defaulted to assign one more than the toughness for you. It's really easy to forget about it.

  22. Striving for perfection and self-improvement is actually blue's wheelhouse, gymbros are blue (which is funny to think about). Ambition and self-esteem are both very black though, so maybe if you want to be an olympic weightlifter you're blue/black. :)

  23. Historic, and especially Historic Brawl, are not formats that WOTC prioritizes. So Rusko is fine in Alchemy constructed so they like the current card design. Like The Meathook Massacre was changed for Alchemy Constructed but it wrecked Historic decks like BG Cat Oven (which also saw a Cat nerf).

  24. This is outstanding work, wow! I love the peek into her head, and how she realizes she has to pass the torch on to the next generation. Beautiful, expressive art, too.

  25. I asked Jay about Rusko when the last patch dropped and he said that they preferred to fix Historic Brawl issues with matchmaking--i.e., that he would be hell queue'd. Did that not happen?

  26. That really sucks! At least the auto-conceding raises his win rate, so hopefully he gets sorted out ASAP

  27. It’s too bad that WoTC doesn’t invest more into again telling the story via novels. It’s a fun way to make the players invest in the game on a deeper level and appreciate the world creation elements.

  28. There literally is a SOM novel, Quest for Karn. It's considered really bad, and was a major factor in why they stopped printing books for the story to begin with.

  29. I appreciate that concise explanation, however I do think having two different definitions of cost is needlessly complicated.

  30. Yeah, it could definitely use a templating update. Maybe "Base cost" and "current cost" or something like that.

  31. Equip this on a Colossal Dreadmaw, you get a 10/10 trampling dino on a chair. How can you lose?

  32. Double trampling??? We've gone too far this time.

  33. It's a bug to me. If you move Cosmo his "aura" stands where it was until the player gets their action, but the card, as you noticed, it's considered to be on the new location, which is clearly an unintended effect of movement because they separate the card and the ability. The game is still new enough for this kind of bugs to exists, especially because they said they fixed Attilan freezing the game and it's not true, it sometimes still get bugged, so I'm fairly convinced there's a lot of things they still need to sort out and this is something rarer and minor and they're ignoring it for the moment. Not blaming them, just my observation

  34. Yeah this is at the least tremendously unintuitive. Their cards are there for the purposes of being affected by reveal effects, but not there for the purposes of their own ongoing effects?

  35. I only usually play to complete quests so I really like booster rewards, especially for unplayable cards. I’m glad they’re not in caches anymore though.

  36. You know the trick about White Queen with a full hand, right?

  37. No. I guess it sticks to Lukes Bar, if you have a full hand? or?

  38. Bingo. You can't have more than seven cards in hand, so playing anything that draws or creates cards can stick on Luke's Bar.

  39. I saw someone speculate that Tekuthal would be [[Teferi's Ageless Insight]] on a creature, which makes sense to me. And the counter ability would then probably be discarding cards like Solphim's.

  40. That looks rad! Whenever I get an inked variant, it's going to be a hard decision whether to upgrade or keep it white-bordered.

  41. Found the problem, you only had three rocks in hand. Can't bluff properly without the full five!

  42. You definitely don't have the cards for a lot of Pool 3 decks, but Moon Dino and Kazoo decks can work just fine at this ranks, so this sounds like a tilt issue more than anything. Are you having fun with the game? Would you be having more fun if you were at rank 50 or 60 instead? Taking a break and evaluating how you feel about the game makes perfect sense.

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