1. Ok, I’m going to try to help you understand. Basically I see people who consider themselves “ nice” don’t give you a straight answer. If you are not completely honest, you are lying. So let’s practice. Susan what would you like to do tomorrow? ( lying to herself Susan)- I don’t care. What you’re supposed to do is say- I made a little list of 5 things I’d like to do, could you do the same and we’ll see if we have any overlap? Then you exchange lists. If you ACTUALLY do see something on their list that you think you’d like to do , then you say “ Hey, I do like bike riding, I would do that” or , it looks like we are not meshing today, wanna just take a short walk or just have a 1/2 hour tea date or we can see if we can agree on something next time. Great to see you, take care. You have to start being meticulously honest, as politely as possible. You don’t need to make other people respect you. You need to leave if other people don’t respect you. If you practice being very honest, other people will feel free to be honest with you and you’ll develop true quality relationships .

  2. Research the concept of "Personal boundaries." Wikipedia has an article on the subject:

  3. People who know you as the a non assertive person will not respect you when you set boundaries. It only really works for new friends.

  4. JP talks about "blessed are the meek" in one of his lectures. He defines meek as those who have swords and know how to use them yet keep them sheathed. It sounds like you wish to be feared or dangerous instead of meek or harmless. The definition of harmless offered to you in the previous reply was spot on in its understanding

  5. Well I think it would help if you explained a few of the situations in which you feel you could have been more assertive, but weren’t. It’s hard to tell if you mean this in a physical or emotional sense. It pays to strengthen yourself in both ways. As someone mentioned below, start taking some kind of self defence classes, it is much easier to be confident if you have trust in what you can do with your body. But more importantly, you need to strengthen your mind. Read more (novels, news articles, wikipedia, everything) and become smarter, it is way easier to be confident/assertive when you know what you’re talking about.

  6. Bumble is great if your profile is good and you know how to talk and what to talk. Tinder is a gone case.

  7. For me bio written is the first positive thing in any profile, telling a bit about yourself giving a hint of what you are actually looking for is a bonus point. Also obviously real pictures is must. If English nhi aati Mt likho bio me but galat Mt likho. Bs ye hi sb dkhti hu yar mai toh

  8. Main apps par nahi hoon, I'm asking what do you look for in someone personality and looks wise

  9. It’s not just self awareness. It’s both self awareness and self control/the ability to improve oneself, that takes you to success. There are definitely people who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, but do not have the motivation or willpower to improve themselves.

  10. How can i improve my self awareness and self control/the ability to improve myself? I think I'm horrible at both

  11. Card tricks, knotwork, origami, and sewing all have pretty low barriers to entry. And they don't take up much space.

  12. Most people here are talking about media ads, but what got me yesterday was, during the final portion of our flight, the flight attendant went on a ten minute diatribe for a Capital One credit card deal. I was trying to finish a book with headphones on and she’s over here yelling into the plane’s PA system about 0% balance transfers. No way to “skip” that ad.

  13. Yes! Rural areas are the best, i lived in one for a few days and they were so peaceful.

  14. A bottle is either 50ml or 100ml in size. A decant is a little amount of perfume from the larger pack/bottle that is usually used to test the smell.

  15. Thanks for the help man. Any idea where I can start if I want to learn making them?

  16. And yes ,one more time thing, traditional natural perfumery is v different. Which is actually the base of everything.

  17. I have no knowledge on trimmers, what should i specifically get if I want a clean dry shave? Like what gets rid of facial hair completely?

  18. I am inclined to trust the translation as it is done by a scholar at a Madhva research institute. They don't undertake or publish such works lightly..But of course i can't vouch for it as I haven't read it.

  19. i did not know that the translator is a scholar from Madhva institute, that is convincing enough for me, thanks

  20. Yeah, see at the bottom of the front cover. पूर्ण प्रज्ञ is an epithet of Madhvacharya.

  21. I was not aware of that at all, i want to learn about madhvacharya and dvaita from the basics, that's why I'm getting this

  22. Tere maje le riya hai vo 😂 boiler room are basically dj sets, where artists, mostly electronic/edm artists play music

  23. When you do this, their paintings go through the roof in value.

  24. I think you mean to say chicago style deep dish pizza. Jo bhot thick hota h and usme cheese andr side and sauce upr side hota h . Bhai pr mene hr jagah search kr liya , indore m toh kahi nhi h ig...

  25. Is hi comment section mein kuch bol re hain ki pizza don pe mil jata hai, haven't contacted them but unke zomato page ke menu mein mention kiya hua hai, 10 inch, 900rs

  26. Go to pizza don for Chicago style deep dish pizza. I recently tried it and it was good. However, it is only available in 10 inch so you might need more people to finish it ;-)

  27. Unpopular Opinion but I think he is right. Rajwada as a tourist palace is mediocre at best. And the core food of indore is amazing,the Desi namkeen, kachori somose, poha, Indian cuisine, few options of sarafa and 56 ( few ). But other than that the new options in food has increased drastically but the quality hasn't. Momos are pathetic, we don't have a good variety of chaat like UP or Delhi has, neither great non veg culture like Punjab or Delhi. I am a core indori and I am a businessman in the same industry, I feel we didn't improve upon much when it comes to Street food.

  28. Would've existed if this was 2016, when it was popular, i remember my schoolmates being crazy about it back then

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