1. What you’re describing would also be ethically wrong for the same reasons. I’m not sure what point you think you’re making. Bodily autonomy isn’t a new concept

  2. Once it's removed it's not your body any more than a clipped toenail is, and you'd have to be a pretty terrible person to not want your discarded clipped toenail to be used to save millions of lives

  3. They couldn’t even be bothered to mail invitations, but expect everyone to pay $2000? I wonder if the evites were emailed to everyone, or just attached to a random fb post which they assumed everyone would read.

  4. I don't even have most of my family or friends' email addresses, I'm sure it was through Facebook

  5. They want you to put out 2k+ to attend the wedding then another few hundred minimum just for gifts, this person is delusional.

  6. Lol yeah, if I have to travel out of state for your wedding, my presence is your present

  7. I was trying to imply that the person they thought was their aunt is actually their mother :o

  8. Does it really cost that much to run an oven for an hour, especially when you're adding in gas costs and time

  9. No from what I believe is that he killed himself before they could die due to lack of oxygen

  10. Nip - Going out quickly - "To nip out for something"

  11. A brand new college graduate with no experience isn't in a position to be picky, take any job you can get to get your foot in the door and look for something more interesting later

  12. I'm poor but got almost my entire tuition covered by grants and scholarships, my parents paid room and board, I graduated with about $15k in loans

  13. I worked at Target in 2016/2017 and I was absolutely dumbstruck the first (and only) time I got a check because they didn't even teach me how to accept it

  14. Even if he did, we're still not servicing Jeff directly. So fuck Jeff but we keep his money.

  15. Except he still got the discount which is what he wanted in the first place

  16. That wasn't frightening. When it comes to cancer this lady was very lucky

  17. Are you really saying that to a guy who lost his mother with virtually no warning?

  18. Good idea thank you. They also spam me through email and my LinkedIn as well though unfortunately.

  19. Make a new email specifically for job searching and get a Google voice number in case you need to make calls

  20. It's not talked about because fucking your 89th cousin 7 times removed is completely insignificant

  21. Subway is perfectly fine if one doesn't go overboard. Their 6" sandwiches range between 200 to 450 calories, with anywhere between 10 and 30 grams of protein. 400 calories is a perfectly acceptable lunch or dinner if you're trying to lose weight, and way more satisfying than a salad IMO. And if you eat something like a yogurt in the morning and a 6" sub for lunch and one for dinner, you're almost definitely in caloric deficit.

  22. Calorie content isn't the only thing that makes something healthy... a lollipop has 60 calories but it's not healthy

  23. I've heard this sneaking alcohol thing a bunch of times on the internet. How often would students sneak in alcohol that it warrants banning water bottles? It sounds like madness to me.

  24. It definitely happened at my school, but the kids who were sneaking in alcohol were the kids who were in the office every day anyway, didn't make sense to ruin it for everyone else

  25. Good, at least get the homeless ones off the street, and drug and alcohol addictions are mental illnesses too

  26. Men really need to understand that it’s normal for platonic female friends to show affection to each other

  27. It's obviously not normal for men because they accuse everyone who is close to someone of the same gender of being gay

  28. I knew thanks to Chris Rock. In an interview, he mentioned how his family had to get medical care at a veterinarian. I later looked up this and it seems this may have happened in a lot of cases.

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