1. Me too. I think i threw a 'great' but that was it, one chance. I missed my other one 3 months ago after about 10 misses which was fair enough.

  2. cross post from /elasticsearch. sorry for terrible formatting of yaml.

  3. Formatting suggestion: remove all the underscores and use triple backticks before/after the code block.

  4. We're the previous data paths pointing inside the docker containers and are you now mapping data to an outside path? If so, create a separate folder in the outside folder for every node's data. If you can retrieve the data for the original nodes, copy them there. Change every node to point to the corresponding subfolder.

  5. thanks. originally, it was logging to the host's /var/lib/docker/volumes folder and I want it to go to /mnt/event_logs. so I've added:

  6. apologies for the yml formatting of my docker-compose, which bar the driver_opts I pinched direct from ES.

  7. Plus, we've tried austerity for a decade and it didn't work.

  8. Usual advice is to keep it Shadow for the shadow bonus. I regret purifying my original one. And you need to unfrustrate it, which you can do at the moment

  9. I would not do it. I enjoyed by 4a 5G. Much better than the 6A. I would at least get the seven. 6A is not as good and the 7 is only slightly more money with the Black Friday promos going . I had issues with the 6A's modem. Did not connect and I was losing calls. I'm on the seven pro now and that no issues

  10. I was just about to buy a 6a to replace my 4a5g but the specs of the phone seem really close. Should i hold out for the 7 this black Friday? 6a price is really good at the mo

  11. I saw him once in a gym. Didn't catch him, couldn't photograph him and here i am back waiting.

  12. Sounds like the monkeys need to form a union. I heard they work for peanuts.

  13. The gyms have timers on them. If you go to one after that expires you should see a raid boss to battle. 1star bosses are easiest to beat.

  14. ...I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis was missing again.

  15. did you put it somewhere you shouldn't have?

  16. Snubbing John Bercow springs to mind. That was a breach in convention

  17. I always thought the 'p' was silent, like in 'swimming pool'

  18. 1100 years ago... Hey guys, check out the size of my log! Wow Dave, we should varnish that and save it for posterity.

  19. Pure 24k gold is too soft for coins. A gold 22k Troy ounce coin contains a regular ounce of 24k gold.

  20. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-23714896

  21. Finally dropped my Samsung Watch4 Classic from the rotation and bought a Hamilton Khaki Field King II.

  22. Nice choice. I'm a big fan of Hamilton's. Yup.

  23. Are you mainly a Windows shop, or do you manage windows and Linux? If mainly Windows, you may want to consider

  24. We're a mixed shop, I'm using ansible on my Linux hosts but I've got no TF experience and i don't know where that stops and ansible starts.

  25. yeah you can definitely configure a service using ansible.

  26. Thanks, when you say "provision the infrastructure" is that just the os, or does that include adding the service as well?

  27. You can only TM Frustration away from a shadow Pokémon during Rocket events. You have to TM Frustration away in order to get a new charged attack. If you evolve with Frustration, you will still have Frustration as the charged attack. A work around to TM’ing Frustration is that you can add an additional charged attack to a shadow Pokémon that still has Frustration so that you can evolve and have a new charged attack. But one charged attack will still be Frustration until you can TM it away.

  28. Thanks, so we might as well unfrustrate asap and not wait till dragonite

  29. Yeah me too. My buddy's a shiny umbreon and i got excited :(

  30. My fear is, what happens in an accident? Besides the obvious immediately die...

  31. The petrol catches fire and explouds!

  32. A great guitarist can make cool music on a Walmart guitar.

  33. I watched a YouTube where some classical guitarist played $200, 2k, 20k and 200k guitars; they said that anything over 5k isn't for the audience, it's only for the guitarist. The dude couldn't get over how good the 20k guitar was. The 200k one was all about Providence (it was old, rare and great quality). The dude struggled with the cheap guitar.

  34. Honest question: How would one need to invest to ensure they actually saw gains like you're positing?

  35. It's "time in the market, not timing the market". I betted safe and I'm still down a load at the moment, due to UK government being insane. You can always get burnt but going with a vanguard world fund might be something to look at.

  36. They didn't need to put that flag on the side, we know.

  37. A stream of bats pour from a cave on (checks Google translate)... "Cave of the bats". Well, ok.

  38. Make a tag for Pokémon that are ready to evolve. When you build up a bunch, pop a Lucky Egg to double your XP and evolve them all at once :D

  39. Do it on a double evolution xp spot light hour.

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