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  1. When you said "as she should". It implies every child should be sleeping alone and the parents who co sleep are breaking some sort of "rule"

  2. Feels like projection. If someone said “my 1 year old wears socks when it’s cold, as she should” I wouldn’t get defensive and take it personally that I don’t always put socks on my kids when it’s cold. I would think “glad OP does what they feel like they should do”. If you feel judged or shamed, maybe look inward.

  3. Shit that's right! Omg! I literally can't I now believe more than ever that the post I found is hers and 2023 is it holy shit I need the music video please Santa 😭

  4. The song Evermore is so clearly about the entire unraveling of her coming out!!

  5. I second recommend amazon. I know some people are trying to avoid amazon but for bulk craft supplies its hard to avoid sometimes.

  6. I have no idea how to say this without coming across as snarky but I’ve checked Amazon and like 30 other websites. If anyone is seeing orange cardstock on there for less than what I’m currently paying, send links my way! The cheapest I’ve found is a 50 pack for $16. Currently I’m paying $17 for 50 sheets of orange and 200 sheets of other colors so that extra $1 for 200 more sheets of cardstock seems like a better purchase. I’ve also seen astrobrights has awesome deals on their 250 packs of cardstock which I do buy for colors I need! But their colors are more neon than the orange I’m currently looking for.

  7. That's not snarky. I think Amazon is a funny beast my roommate and I often get different results even though we are sitting next to each other. And then other times we get exactly the same. I also find I get a much more limited selection when I search on the phone vs on the computer. It's a strange thing, I have saved to a list I'll go see if that color is one of the ones they sell and post a link if I can get one.

  8. Thank you!! Sorry I’m neurodivergent and always second guess if I’m coming across well. I will try on my computer later! And yeah if you find anything please send it my way. Thank you so much for your kindness!

  9. I believe the blood soaked gown is a reference to Carrie. Carrie wins prom queen and finds out it was a prank to embarrass her after a bucket of blood is poured on her on stage. I’m not sure exactly what event in Taylor’s life she’s comparing this to, but it is heartbreaking

  10. Ok I never felt the sadness from this song so many people talk about but this explanation gave me chills

  11. Why did you feel it relevant to mention that you’re a minority in an all gendered sports league? Like what does that even mean lmao

  12. What does gender have to do with homophobia??????? You’re telling on your own ignorance in these comments

  13. I had to resell pit tickets to 1989 tour. I know she wasn’t as big then, but she was still selling out soldier field. I ended up losing $100 per ticket! I bought in November, sold in January, concert in July. So I’m optimistic prices will go down.

  14. Sure, abuse and neglect can happen in group homes as it can happen anywhere. Generally speaking, they are a safer environment for people experiencing MI/DD because the state requires regular trainings of all staff, a management system to assess quality of care, and a whole host of other provisions for these homes/companies to be licensed.

  15. Ok replying to another comment, sorry to be annoying. This is just not factually true at all. The trainings required for residential staff are less rigorous than that required of foster homes to maintain licensing.

  16. Group homes are maintained and managed with a lot of oversight though. Which is to ensure the residents aren’t being abused or taken advantage of, considering their vulnerability. They also keep a treatment plan which staff works on with them so they can become more independent.

  17. As someone who has both worked in a group home and worked in foster care case management with kids placed in residential homes and foster homes, 10 times out of 10, foster homes are the safer option. The system is fucked, but kids placed in residential are easily the most vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, and it’s not even close.

  18. While you ask yourself who's Stormzy, 95% of Europeans watching our MTV awards be like "Who's this woman winning all our awards??? " While everyone does know who Stormizy. I'm still in shock she won best artist, best video and best pop artist. Not a good shock, actual "wtf happened". I'm surprised she didn't win best rapper or best Spanish artist.

  19. I forgot y’all don’t have Taylor Swift in Europe. Truly tragic that nobody there has heard of her but incredible she managed to win anything with such a niche fan base!!!!!!

  20. I imagined this song was written directly to Karlie. First verse: the sad boy was a wrong choice, “we” is Kaylor, all the miscommunications, etc. and then she just wants to ask Karlie some questions for clarification (but really to be sassy). She already knows the answers… yes, Karlie did have someone kiss her in a crowded room. No, she did not leave her house in the middle of the night. And when Taylor said “it’s too much”, Karlie didn’t put up more of a fight, she gave in, even when she said it was too much. And of course she wishes she could still touch her. It’s taylor “asking” because she knows the answers are what she wants to hear.

  21. I went into gaylorism with the idea in my head that dress was about her experimenting with Karlie, but didn’t think she was actually gay. It wasn’t til this album promo cycle that I went down the rabbit hole and I was convinced pretty quickly. But my initial reaction was “oh yeah, she’s queer, ok. That actually makes a lot of sense.” I wasn’t that opinionated about it until I saw the hetlor discourse. As a 2009 swiftie, I feel oddly defensive of my love for her and how well I feel like I know her. And I get the vibe that hetlors just don’t know her that well.

  22. I feel liKe everyone glosses over the lyric “she wAs on youR mind with some dickhead guy”

  23. Honestly that's something I absolutely can't wrap my head around. Why do you even search for female exclusive subreddits when you're a cis dude? Why is it so HARD to accept that there are spaces for women? Has this something to do with many men being raised entitled in general?

  24. I mod a bumpers group on Facebook that’s only for the gestating parent, and some cis dude told me that people like me are the reason dads don’t feel like they can be involved 💀

  25. Lyrics from Jack’s verse: Sometimes I feel like everybody is an art bro lately and I just judge them on a hill too hurt to hang out talking shit about your famous baby pierced through the heart of 90s guilt maybe I’m the problem it’s me.

  26. “And I could tell you his favorite color’s green, he loves to argue, born on the 17th, his sisters beautiful, he has his fathers eyes, but if you asked me if I loved him… id lie”

  27. I went through this as a kid, I was so embarrassed to wear shorts in the summer. My mom let me start shaving at 9 because I asked her if I could. She made it a fun thing, let me pick out my own razors and shaving cream, then sat in the bathroom while I tried it in the bathtub. I feel like it was important for me to have that bodily autonomy since I really wanted to do it to feel more comfortable in my own skin. It took me a few years to figure out that other people don't actually care if I have leg or arm hair, but that's inevitable when you're going through puberty to feel like everyone is worried about YOU. Now I'm 27 and only shave when I feel like it!

  28. lol it looked real without the edit note, having seen what ive seen in that sub

  29. can you tell i spend too much time self inducing rage by reading their comments lol

  30. Top comment on that post: “eh, I don’t think so. She says her daughter-in-law which means she must have gotten married had sons, I definitely think it’s about her children she’ll have with gorgeous Joe. I mean the song literally uses the word ‘baby’ and says ‘too big to hang out’ (pregnancy?) so this is probably about her future as a wife and mom 🥰”

  31. same. the only part to me that makes it super gay is the “politics and gender roles” because who says that about their hetero relationship

  32. It’s because she makes more money than her secret husband, the up and coming actor, Joe alwyn, Grammy winner and friend of Ryan Reynolds.

  33. Yes, but it is a breakup song. about her current boyfriend? Does not make any sense.

  34. I thought the lyrics in ready for it were “and he can be my jailer, why’d you do this taylor? Every love I’ve known in comparison is a failure”

  35. "You'll save all your daddiest jokes for me."

  36. SAME. OMG. SAME. Like his dad jokes. But only the daddy-est

  37. Makes me want to fire up my Cameo for some paper crafting fun. I used to make stuff like this all the time.

  38. I did it in circuit design space so I only have a design space link! I’ve tried to create the files in illustrator and export them as SVGs but Etsy shuts it down because of copyright infringement. So for lots of my stuff I do have SVG files, but the licensed stuff I don’t since they’re easier to make in design space!

  39. Are you telling me that my love of putting my entire life into spreadsheets can finally be lucrative?

  40. I make a good salary in marketing analytics so I’d be curious to know how much this pays

  41. I did the application and it seems like they’re looking for someone with a moderate level of understanding who is coachable! so I doubt the pay is competitive with what marketing analysts are making.

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