1. My partner gave me his boxers that didn't fit anymore because he knew I'd find them comfortable. I do. And I wear them regularly. And he doesn't give half a shit

  2. My LO weaned himself off formula in the day around 11 months. He was just eating enough that he was only having a bottle before bed and one in the night. So we switched to cow's milk for the nighttime bottles. Then at 1 he started sleeping through the night (mostly) so he has a bottle of milk before bed and that's it (unless he's unwell then he has more in the day). We eat a lot of yogurt and cheese though so I'm not concerned about his dairy intake. He has water with meals and eats absolutely loads (minimum 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks)

  3. My dad wanted to name me Lauren, after Lauren Bacall. But when I was born took one look at me and said I wasn't pretty enough... So he named me after his grandmother instead

  4. You might already know this, but Lauren in real life went by Betty. She mentions in her autobiography that a film studio man picked Lauren for her screen name (I can’t remember who it was, but it was definitely a man). And she used her mother’s last name, Bacal, for most of her life (adding the extra L for pronunciation) because her dad was a deadbeat who spent no time with her. Just a bit of related trivia.

  5. I did not know that, funny enough my nan that I'm named after didn't go by her birth name either but her middle name. It's her middle name I have. Her first name was Doris

  6. I just learned this the other day and am on a mission to share it with the world (not really but it is relevant) - you can shake it out and then throw it in the drier on a “fluff air” setting or similar (just a setting without heat) to get more dust out before washing it. It accomplishes the same effect as vacuuming without the dangers of vacuuming a handmade rug.

  7. Lint rollers also help freshen up this kind of yarn really well

  8. There is also a website called clean cloth nappies, they have a FB group too. Very informative and can help with making a wash routine. It's actually pretty simple once you're used to it. We both work full time and use cloth full time too. I just put a prewash on in the mornings before work and then when its time for mainwash I do that in the evenings

  9. It is okay to love someone from a distance. It is ok to love him as your father but not want to be around him to keep yourself safe. And it's okay to put those boundaries in place and then change your mind at a later date.

  10. I would definitely be interested! Self employed and have a 9-5 as well as a family so always looking for a good planner

  11. An old man almost hit me and the pushchair today in Sainsbury's car park. I ran out of the way and he hit the car I walked Infront of

  12. She has uploaded photos of the messages on to her laptop and then the laptop has auto typed the texts on to word and then she’s just gone through and deleted the ones she doesn’t like 🤣 We’ve obviously added original texts as screenshots to show where she’s deleted them!

  13. AFAIK the courts won't accept that as evidence. You can't just submit anything you like, it has to be in a format that proves it can't have been edited

  14. I'm surprised she's even got a case to court! Grandparents right just don't exist really unless they are somehow included in a custody arrangement. They can become guardians of a grandchild but social services would be involved and that's not the case here .

  15. Almost 100% the judge will just laugh at her and tell her off. They've probably allowed it to get that far in the hopes that MIL will actually listen to a judge

  16. Yes the position can affect how you feel the movements. If the placenta is between baby and you at the front, the movement's won't feel as strong. There are lots of different factors that can influence it

  17. If you’re not breastfeeding formula adds a lot onto that - around £50 a month for us (prices have probably increased recently as well). That’s only for around a year but it’s something to factor in.

  18. We had an ergobaby wrap and a baby bjorn carrier, so I've tried both extensively.

  19. All kids are different but we've not used the pram at all since my LO turned 1

  20. Honestly, get a quadroplay. Yes they're plastic and less asthetic than a pikler but 100% they are better in every way. We bought my son one second hand for his first birthday and it's the best thing ever. It does take up quite a lot of space but we could have made it smaller or taller rather than long and wide

  21. When you're washing it, fold the velcro tabs on the back onto them. That way your velcro doesn't stick to things in the wash

  22. BLW is a fad. Maybe it will stick around long term, maybe not. But it didn’t exist in the ‘80s, ‘90s, or ‘00s and I’m pretty sure all the babies born then are using utensils to feed themselves. I know I am.

  23. People did BLW in the 80s and 90s it just didn't have a name. Baby purees weren't commercially available and were expensive (still are imo) so many people did blw

  24. Full on baby led weaning is annoying AF to implement. The mess. The food wastage. The feeling of being trapped at home for meals (just as we’re getting good at being out!)

  25. I'm not sure I agree. We've only ever done full on BLW and eat out regularly, with no issue. Yes it's a bit messy but I just wipe up with a babywipe and it's not that bad. At home I just sweep it up and mop once a week

  26. Using a body condition scale is better than going off weight. Especially for little dogs. My chi is tall as hell and skinny and weighs 6lbs but has good body condition and that's what the vets go off. You can Google it and use the pictures to judge

  27. I have had delivery issues with currys before. Their support constantly lies to get you off the phone or web chat. I started to record everything so I was able to play the recordings or forward emails or screenshots each time I called them. Spent a good 10+hours on it until it got sorted, only after threatening them with litigation and charge back. I will never buy anything from currys every again.

  28. Currys are awful for this. From my experience threatening with small claims court wasn't enough. I explained that the legal onus was on them to prove delivery and as they were unable to do that they had to offer a refund for the item. Somehow after 6+ months of arguing that was what did it for them and I had the money back within a week

  29. You guys seem like you really set your own boundaries, are firm and not indecisive. I wish I could be like that 24/7 and make it apart of me.

  30. If you go, and do everything they expect of you, is she going to appreciate it? Or will she still find something to whinge about or say you've done wrong...

  31. Anything that involves rationalizing will trigger them. And no I always feel like I’m not being appreciated by them. And if I tell my brother that he’d tell me I’m not there to be appreciated I’m there for mom.

  32. So if you go, they'll shit on your efforts, if you don't go, they'll give you shit. Why bother going? I'd save yourself the effort tbh and it sounds like it won't be any less painful

  33. Bilingual children do tend to be 'behind' in their language acquisition. But she should be imitating sounds you make even if it's not clear. So perhaps she's delayed regardless of being bilingual. Either way I would wait till you speak to the SLT and make sure they're well versed on bilingual children as some aren't

  34. Give her times where she can act like a baby, baby her and give her cuddles and attention. It's likely that behaviour is meeting a need for her and she won't stop it unless the need is met elsewhere

  35. Maybe try picot but in the front loop only?

  36. Children do not develop the ability to over eat until 5 ish. Someone has to be at the upper end of the percentiles. Please do not limit your child's food intake

  37. Boy I was in a group of mates with got done for messaging pregnant women (that he knew) anonymously and telling them all sorts of messed up shit.

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