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  1. Coca-Cola is not, people who consume their products are.

  2. This is so far down... This is a big one.

  3. Why does the article say people care more about inflation, is cost of living not more important for your day to day?

  4. Reminds me of a bit by Herman Finkers:

  5. Lucifer the show is trash CW level TV and you should feel ashamed for liking it, but to each there own I guess. However, one thing I am 100% behind you on is the lore of Christianity is super fun and interesting. Its too bad a few billion people believe it as truth cause I would love more stories without the religious tons in them and expanding the canon outside of just the books in the bible.

  6. Id agree with you (in less strong terms) based on S1 but I understand it gets better? Didn't check yet but was thinking about it..

  7. I'm sure it's been said before but just to add to the choir: most men will be somewhat open to escalating if you are within their interest range of attraction and they have no other reasons to hold back (girlfriend etc). But that said, most of them just need a clear boundary and they would respect it. If not then show them the door.

  8. I think it's worth exploring other aspects apart from the existing game. Maybe smaller areas and focussing more on the the finesse of the actual "interaction" vs. cleaning large areas & progression.

  9. Yep you need to add a few fun elements to differentiate, if only it's a bird shitting on all your work, adding a time element. (spray the bird to make it go away) Make it an eagle for hard, and an elephant for nightmare mode.

  10. well swiss milk is made from swiss nuts, its a special nut that only grows in swiss territory, its totally vegan lol jk

  11. Well you joke but maybe this is actually what they mean? Swiss almond milk? Agreed it's not likely...

  12. I used to have cartman's crocodile hunting call as a notification message

  13. not even 50/50. the wager only proposes a possibility, without a probability. its useless.

  14. Okay but the bet on christianity, given so many adherents, is the best one. Might not be 1:1 but better than betting on most other religions. So it's not crazy if you accept this simple story.

  15. weeeeeell I'm not sure if the theoretical christian god cares so much that you would be disqualified for getting a few details wrong. Anyway in Pascal's wager, "no bet" is an automatic loss, so even if your chance is 1-in-a-million it's better than 0.

  16. This is a great one. I don't think anyone considers him 8-or-above handsome but he has had sex with more A-list supermodels and actresses than most of us have even seen in real life, let alone touch.. so clearly there is something to him.

  17. As long as you don't let it change your friendship, you're all good. Just ignore it, and never, EVER, ask for money. EVER. For ANY reason.

  18. First part I agree with but 2nd.. why not? Meaning, absolutely not suddenly starting to (try and) mooch off your friend - that goes directly to part #1. But when you're dying and I dunno some expensive treatment can save you, why not ask?

  19. But that's the whole point I'm making, the OP says "Never ever for any reason". I agree "I want a new playstation" is a terrible reason, but "I am dying and an operation I can't afford could save me" is fine.

  20. I find answering "why are you vegan" with "All the reasons" works quite well. Lets me walk away while their furious inner debate rages.

  21. You should check your numbers. The idea of killing off all large mammals to reduce the methane production is mad because

  22. a/ Wait what, I explicitly said it would be a bad idea to try and kill large mammals.

  23. You may have said that it would be a bad idea, but we're already doing it and you're suggesting that we cut down on cattle isn't a proof to the contrary.

  24. It seems you're not quite aware of the comparative scale of animal agriculture vs natural numbers.

  25. So have you mailed this to yahtzee?

  26. i think species generally prioritize their own, not just humans. Respecting human life as a human is beneficial in society for a variety of reasons and just biologically it makes sense. I think the concept of saying human life is worth more is just a self centric view of the world as whole. human life is generally prioritized to other humans but it doesn’t make it worth more

  27. Yes but that would be a selfish reason. The "am I not neat" part, really. If the OP asked "worth more TO US" then perhaps. But objective value works differently.

  28. what i said was speaking to why humans prioritize human life, i didn’t state that humans had any objective higher value, in fact i stated the opposite. humans prioritize humans and that’s fair. nearly all species prioritize their own. there’s a difference between prioritizing one species in necessary conditions that call for it, and a total disregard to non-human life.

  29. I was with you until you said 'that's fair' :) Not sure if it's fair, but it's certainly true. Peter Singer already fairly eloquently underlined that we really have few good excuses to prioritise humans that live around the corner vs humans that live on the other side of the world. Extending our circle of consideration to traits other than "this creature has the same genetic makeup" is certainly very easy to arrive at.

  30. This is amazing. I will never understand why people want to do this.

  31. Yup, this. It certainly is amazing, and I completely get that hobbies are almost by definition "wasting time" on things that you enjoy rather than that it has to have real world value ..

  32. Day or two ago, Truss let some random MP answer the Prime Minister Questions session (where opposition typically asks about uncomfortable facts)

  33. Healthfulness is a sliding scale. I suspect most mock meats are not carcinogenic like animal products are, but might still use sat fats. Also, for each filling of your stomach you ideally want as many nutrients as possible, not just empty calories.

  34. there's nothing unhealthy about the one I linked. I eat almost no fats, I'm not worried about some oil

  35. To be clear I'm absolutely not dogmatic about this stuff, I eat mock meat all the time, but there is a healthfulness difference between processed soy paste and say 100g worth of a lentil stew.

  36. What do you think 'an island should be used for' then? I'll grant a sink is somewhat unusual on it (I intend to have a tiny sink for rinsing veg, chilled/boiling water but not washing dishes)

  37. One thing Reddit skips over: people have multiple motives. Unless you are getting bad vibes, so far I'm seeing only mild yellow flags. Yes, maybe they would be happy to escalate into being more than friends but this doesn't have to mean they will try to misbehave or abuse opportunities or force you into corners.

  38. Surely some actually are worse than acceptable but are blagging their way through a job. Perhaps laziness more than being incapable. But then most people have a lazy streak.

  39. Can someone enlight me how Coca-cola is among the global biggest polluters in the world?

  40. Yep same here. Perhaps it is the sheer amount of brown liquid and bottles/cans that matters. I suspect that per serving coca cola is okay. Arguably we shouldn't drink it (or heavily tax it) for health reasons, but I'm sure it doesn't have such an unreasonable burden to resources as the feeding, watering, antibioticcing and cleaning (manure) as the animal industry has per serving.

  41. I'm sure they caused a lot of plastic waste, so contributed to pollution to a large extent.

  42. But that's the thing isn't it, I'm not a hardcore capitalist by any means, but coca is incentivised only to deliver what the customer wants. Sugary brown drink. Wasting plastic goes against their incentives (to a point) so they are the will of the people personified. It would be better if we all never drink it anymore but that's a very different question than if that will has been implemented poorly, or if it can be done less wasteful or more ethical. I haven't seen any negatives on coke on this, just that the absolute amount of cost is higher than one would like to admit.

  43. Really though? Obviously a turbine that is at speed is deadly, but starting from zero these things don't rotate that fast? I could imagine you would have perhaps 5-10 seconds to quickly jump out before it becomes a true meat grinder?

  44. Thing is - it's female escapism. It's basically one specific type of dream that some women have about being 1000% more powerful in every field (from physical to emotional and social) than you would normally be. Judging only based on the first 4 episodes I don't consider it great writing since it felt too gleefully "women are bosses and all men suck" and I gave up at that point.

  45. One thing that people in this thread seem to be forgetting is that while in the great scheme of things, virginity is not a big deal it is the "you must be this tall to ride" entry gate to most meaningful romantic relationships.

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