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  1. This is so beautiful. I'm happy that some people still can experience such things like that.

  2. Happy International Women's Day! A woman that expands my vision is my English teacher. She was born in a rural village and has 8 siblings. As she told, her family was very oppressive and didn't even want to educate their daugters but she worked hard despite all conditions and in her last highschool year, she became one of the top 100 students in our country in university entrance exam. She wanted to be a teacher and now she's a great English teacher and she broadens her students vision and she also tries to make projects in our not-so-well school such as renovating the old gym and foreign exchange programs.

  3. I also remember there was a paper emoji under the "lightbulb" section. It was just a plain white rectangle with no writing and I remember asking myself wtf is that. I assumed it was a paper because it was near the office supply emojis. Is there anyone remembers?

  4. They are eating sunflower seeds. The kid is extracting the seed from shell so the seed doesn't contact his mouth.

  5. Yeah, I guessed it's sunflower. Disgusting. Basically eating other person's saliva.

  6. Actually, no. People use their teeth to extract seeds and maybe just a little bit of saliva contact to shell.

  7. Yeah that's the oled saver I downloaded. Thank you guys I couldn't think of that.

  8. Not the most beautiful, but I like the name Layla. It's an oriental name and I love elegance of it. Also I love the Eric Clapton's song, Layla, that's probably why.

  9. This is one of my favorites as well. Recently read it for the first time and was blown away. Not sure if I can give you similar books since I'm not that well versed in Cyberpunk per se but given our similar tastes, I can give you some sci-fi books that I like.

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