1. He has just...changed his cap, right 🥺? RIGHT 😭??

  2. Bad things happen to those who don't pay their Spider Tax...

  3. Oh, he’s not alive now, I’ve had that cast for years. :)

  4. I’m loving that this is popping up in all the insect sub reddits I’m in. It almost looks like a beaded piece of art. I love it.

  5. Thank you. I did worry that I was spamming it a bit too much. I was just so excited by my results that I wanted everyone to see it. :)

  6. I just went through all of your post and just wanna say how absolutely amazing your pictures are!thank you for sharing 😊

  7. It definitely will. It’s not as good as my flash setup but have been trying the electronic shutter on my mirrorless cameras to lessen vibration. 10x is about the limit for these LED lights.

  8. How does one scalp a spider?

  9. The spider scalps itself. As they grow they shed their old exoskeleton. It just so happens that in Jumping Spiders the head cap usually comes off as a unit.

  10. This was taken using a 4x objective and is the result of stacking 110 images together to obtain front to back focus.

  11. I see, so the sub-atomic particles are not probability clouds, but tiny flying beetles, or carpets, whichever it may be.

  12. So in that case, the light I’m using to light the beetle is actually beetles. Fitting.

  13. Taken through the 10x objective of my microscope. 50 image stack.

  14. So beautiful! Order Poduromorpha. It's probably belongs to family Neanuridae or Brachystomellidae.

  15. It definitely looks like a springtail. But it's still hard to say with certainty.

  16. I was in two minds last time I found one but someone said springtail on

  17. What do you use to generate the focus stack from the images?

  18. But how did you get it to sit still for so long!

  19. It wasn’t overly active. I had my camera connected to my laptop so I could click, focus, click, focus… fairly quickly. It did move and interrupt a couple of sequences I tried, but I eventually got a set of it in one position.

  20. Thank you. That was my guess but didn’t see the spring appendage as I’ve seen before.

  21. Not all springtails have springs :) I do believe I see them though in the second image, in the back left middle area, there is a darkened area with two small triangular protrusions. I believe that is the “springs”, just super small in this species

  22. Well spotted! That little fork is very reminiscent of springs I’ve seen before. Although I’ve never seen one through a microscope, I usually photograph them with my macro lens and never this tiny.

  23. Yup! Was in general (near the bar) at Coventry and then the Feuerzone at Cardiff. Was definitely worth the wait.

  24. Posted the same question on my video yesterday, I’m glad they are Colpoda as that was my guess. :)

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