1. I had this exact same question yesterday. There was one with a mixed flock of tits and I couldn't see any distinguishing features to look it up by but the RSPB online identifier said chiffchaff. They are tricky birds to follow, they keep moving.

  2. Superb shots. Heard absolutely loads of them, seen only a couple, still yet to photograph one.

  3. Thank you. Another lucky find for me, I was heading back home after a photo walk and they were just flitting about in a tree near the bridleway. I didn’t hear them calling.

  4. Thanks. I was very lucky to be in camo waiting for some birds to return to the adjacent field when they came trotting along. They didn’t know I was there for a couple of minutes until I tried to reposition. They soon took off across the field when they spotted me.

  5. Wow.. how can an animal look so peaceful and inviting yet so scary... Foxes are great and you.. you my friend are a great photographer.

  6. Thank you! I was definitely in the right place at the right time.

  7. Yeah I looked it up, just didn’t know what all it entailed. That’s actually pretty rad. Thanks for the info!

  8. I was gonna ask where you got a gold LIFAD patch from, my official one is grey! :)

  9. There was a fake 2023 announcement earlier in the year that had UK dates.

  10. Nice! My current WIP jacket is becoming a bit Rammstein heavy too. Still waiting on a couple more to arrive so I can sort out my layout better.

  11. Fantastic shot! Was it hovering for this or did you manage to track it? 😵‍💫

  12. It was hovering but drifting along so the AF tracking was very useful.

  13. Stupendous shot. What did you take it with?

  14. Thanks. A Canon R7, the tracking is great for things like this.

  15. This is a beautiful photo!!! Love it

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