1. Yea they should get rid of these, why are hospitals trying to make more money off wealthier patients?

  2. I could have chose to push this post to 100... instead I downvoted to make sure it was 98 because if the person in front of you passed legally then I am 100% on their team. The left lane is not for the speed limit it is for passing and anyone else going slower needs to go to hell.

  3. As someone that's rented all kinds of vehicles while living on Maui for a couple years.

  4. Check out Sam Sato's restaurant in Wailuku, maybe on your way to/from the airport since you're going to be out in Lahaina most times. Doesn't get more authentic, local than that.

  5. Quarterbacking an elite power play unit known as the Krebs Cycle

  6. is it easy to make friends there? we're 2 mates going for 3-6 months to bali

  7. I mean Kuta / Seminyak / Canggu is def more of party-centered areas. Uluwatu has lots of surfers. Ubud you can meet ppl but def more of a backpacker, yogi type of vibe. Ecstatic dance is big there.

  8. So the other half are decreasing?

  9. Just one data point, but migratory river herring in Southeastern Massachusetts increased rapidly from 2007 (nearly extinct with only 500 individuals at my monitoring point) to a fairly healthy population (25,000 or 50x the starting population at my monitoring point) in 2019.

  10. Dang, that doesn't sound good. Do you think it has anything to do with climate change possibly pushing more predator species from the North Atlantic to more southern latitudes?

  11. Well the middle class has been dying for years now thanks to Republican economic policies. This creates a bunch of angry white men that are mad that they don’t have it as good as they used to. Then people like Trump come along and blame minorities. That is what led to the current crop.

  12. We have an 18 footer at the Small Boat Harbor.

  13. .. use the huge flat top that you just so happen to have lying around?

  14. Tony’s Ranch House on main has 2 eggs, Toast and jelly with a side of hash browns for $5.99. No frills.

  15. If you think we are going to win a lot of games this season you should just skip it.

  16. You're right, I will be skipping going to any games this season unless we acquire AT LEAST ONE NHL caliber #1 goalie. Otherwise, there's simply no point in wasting any $ to try and delude myself we can make the playoffs with Andy and UPL and/or Tokarski.

  17. Just thought you'd slip that one creepy line in there and we wouldnt notice, didnt you

  18. Did he or did other people in reaction to him? I remember thinking Trump’s election would be a referendum on the woke culture that was emerging at that point. Instead of dampening that behavior they amplified it.

  19. That sucks. I had family come up from Maryland for a hockey tournament at Riverworks and they were really impressed with the area (they go to tournaments all over the NE & Buffalo was their favorite). My brother in law keeps showing people pictures of the grain elevator because he thought it was so cool.

  20. THIS!! This is what we're missing out on ppl. In 50 years ADM will be gone, and this will be yet another Buffalo missed opportunityTM

  21. I was gonna say, can't the city red tag it just like they red tag homes that are "derelict"?

  22. Yea, they could, but the previous building inspector retired rather than face this issue, and Byron Brown prefers to grand stand and play both sides rather than actually do anything.

  23. Lol, your second and fourth paragraphs contradict one another. The one says "stand your ground" and the other says "pay up and move on".

  24. Lol, never said pay up, I said now that he already paid, learn a lesson about police in Latin America and move on.

  25. They do it because the government imposes large import tariffs on electronics into Mexico. They figure you are selling the extra device and not paying the tariff.

  26. It’s always the snowbirds pulling shit like this. Goddamn boomers

  27. What did the five fingers say to the face?

  28. Lol. You didn't even need a drivers license to cross the border when I was a kid, before the lame-ass Patriot Act. Now its a whole dog and pony show.

  29. The problem with crossing the boarder now is you have to do it through an app I believe a few days before going to Canada but I could be wrong. Also the questioning going and coming back is very intrusive. Like what am I not allowed to go to Canada to bang a tinder date and come back because the women in Buffalo all look like John Candy in Nothing But Trouble?

  30. lol most depressing thing about living in Buffalo... everyone hot on dating apps is in another country

  31. Gabriel Davis is gonna be this year's Kadarius Tony. Everybody on that hype train for a guy that is (admittedly) talented but just NOT going to get the volume. Sorry, it's just not there. Reddit invariably gets a boner for some untested guy based on second-year metrics or the possibility of him being the next guy up, eg... honestly... where he's going, I usually just take a running back, wait a round, and take Kirk instead for my late round receiver.

  32. Lol, as a Bills fan, comparing the work ethic and character of Gabe Davis to Kadarius Toney, it couldn't be more the opposite. Gabe Davis is ready to take the next step that Toney was hyped up to be.

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