TIL Andromachi Papanicolaou, the wife of the man who invented the Pap smear volunteered to have her cervix sampled every day for 21 years to help with his research. Their findings went on to save the lives of millions of women by preventing the development of cervical cancer through early detection.

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  1. The shutdown noise is really annoying. Every time i fall asleep, it wakes up my baby.

  2. Hi, you can either use wiki or create a new custom work item to store your large root cause analysis. Wiki and work item both support markdown syntax. If you want to use work item, you can

  3. Thanks. I looked into it a bit, and it looked like you had to use the formatting bar instead of hand coding the markdown. Why can't they just make it like the wiki? Or was I missing something? Maybe this weekend I'll see if they have a free project I can play around with.

  4. Gosh they have had a prototype for a long time.

  5. Not Jesus but this is my favorite Bible passage:

  6. I read that as "moths have eaten your babies" because I am conditioned by other Bible passages I guess.

  7. that happens sometimes. not all the time.

  8. You are conflating teaching and sitting. Substitutes never taught a lesson.

  9. mine did. especially those covering for pregnant teachers.

  10. May I ask how old you are? I am late 30s in the central US.

  11. I don't know how the DOD loves Fox News and Republicans so much when they insult veterans a lot (and encourage violence against elected officials).

  12. Isn't this the guy that tried to assassinate Reagan?

  13. Oh dear, I got him mixed up with Jeff Healey. Doubly disappointing.

  14. Considering I've seen a registered nurse pace a man with a 3rd degree heart block at a rate of 40 and too low of amperage to capture a heart beat to boot, I'm sure absolutely nothing.

  15. It looks unboring to me. I don't live driving around and knowing everyone shops exclusively at Lowe's. So bland when nature is so diverse.

  16. And also just don’t douche in general. That’s terrible for you too

  17. I saw a red and black moth and didn’t squish it because I couldn’t identify it at the time. Never again. That bug goes squish now if I ever see it again and then I’m inspecting for eggs around the stalk.

  18. I thought it was a hummingbird moth my first time

  19. There is support saying to bend the tabs outward. I did this and I think it helped.

  20. Im struggling with the seed starts but I plan to have more butterfly weed by the end of the year. Live monarch foundation is a great resource for seeds for those interested

  21. I saw my first monarch and it was just a wing in my yard. Birds? Hopefully more will come. There are a lot of the milkweed tussock caterpillars at least.

  22. He won the primary for GOP Senator on June 28.

  23. My neighbor was spraying bees. He has a large garden. He did not know bees pollinated his plants. He has stopped after I explained how valuable bees are to a garden. This man was 70 years old. It’s just amazing how ignorant he was.

  24. I am so sick of seeing people flip out because there is a bug outside. It's the GD outdoors.

  25. RWBY had jiggle physics, now everything moves realistically. It's morphed into a much better show, IMHO.

  26. I watched the first two seasons or so and surprisingly liked it because I thought I was maybe too old. The fight choreography was detailed even if the backgrounds were not. I do not remember any jiggling for some reason.

  27. Seasons 1-3 are the best, everything after that kind of goes off the rails especially the well choreographed fight scenes. Then someone messed up the pacing of the story and it went to hell. I don't know that the show would have been better had Monty Oum not sadly passed, but I wish I could see what it would have been like. The animation did get a lot better but the show feels like it lost something big without him so you hopped off at about the right time.

  28. I quit watching when that redheaded villain was cackling

  29. Yeah. I ordered it at the same time as the LR4 and it was actually in the litter robot box. It’s very nice, though a little bigger than I expected and sticks out into the walkway. I’ll deal though. Here’s a zoomed out photo I took at the same time as the first so you can see it better.

  30. How do you think a robot vacuum would handle driving over it? My current approach is let the robot vacuum eat the litter off the hard wood.

  31. This is what annoyed me about the whole plastic straw thing. If the money they used to push that was instead used to push legislation to make companies recycle more then it woulda done a ton more for the environment than people no longer using sodding straws.

  32. Recycling plastic is not good in most (all?) cases according to any documentary or news article I have seen.

  33. I think apologies are always fake for her. She told Lila that they’re just telling people what they want to hear; she doesn’t seem to believe that they’re sincere in any way

  34. That is not how I interpreted that conversation. I took it as advice to not give an empty apology consisting of the word "sorry" but to explain how your actions negatively impacted someone else and you are truly sorry because you understand their pain.

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