1. You may have the wrong diagnosis, and many things can cause psychosis. But it could still be schizophrenia, and you should’ve phrased it a bit kinder.

  2. Personality disorders don't usually include psychosis. Not sure where you were going with that. If they're experiencing psychosis its something else....

  3. Psychotic symptoms are actually fairly common in people with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  4. Look into FND, it can cause the jerky movements and I think brain fog can be from both that and DPDR.

  5. EMDR has increased my episodes, nightmares and flashbacks. Ultimately, EMDR is going to help desensitize me from the trauma. Right now my fingers are crossed bc I’m in the worst mindset ever going through the treatment. It was much easier to have a mental break down once a month and continue on like nothing is wrong. Now I have them once a week and targeting those emotions is very difficult. I’m going through with bc I have nothing to lose ( other than my mind). I hope that answers your question. Each person is different. I’ve only being doing the treatment for 5 months. I’ve had the FND diagnosis for 12 months.

  6. I’ve heard the EMDR approach for c-PTSD needs to be different and more cautious that just for PTSD. I would ask you therapist to make that adjustment so you don’t get as destabilized.

  7. I’m 20 and it’s been almost a year since my edible caused a DPDR episode, it’s not entirely gone but here’s how I got it to a manageable level. No caffeine, and take magnesium at night.

  8. May I suggest a shattered bottle of poison? Perhaps with a scythe next to it. The grim reaper thing sounds dope tho.

  9. Ok I know that compulsive lying is an thing ofc, but you said you don’t know why you said a family member did that… is it possible that it’s a repressed memory and you thought you lied about it afterwards to repress it again? Or do you know it was for certain a lie?

  10. I had compulsive lying issues. I lied about stuff that had happened and stories to make myself seem cooler. I am better now. I don’t have compulsions (I think that’s the word) to lie anymore.

  11. I’m proud of you for that progress, it’s hard to break old habits

  12. Thank you for this. You actually helped me a while back and educated me on the differences between dissociation and psychosis. They can be so close at times

  13. I think I may have experienced dissociation for a large part of my life but my friends and family jokingly called it 'zoning out'. I got asked how pluto was

  14. zoning out is actually a mild form of dissociation that many people experience, but if you think it’s more than simply spacing out occasionally then i would read into dissociation and dissociative disorders and see if it resonates with you ❤️ considering that people are commenting on you zoning out a lot then i would guess that it may be a bit more than the occasional spacing out, look into it for sure :)

  15. Use the resources that God has given you such as access to therapy, medical help, etc. I think waiting around for God to fix it wouldn’t be the right thing.

  16. it’s kinda hard when you have a mom who i cant even tell i think i have a disorder let alone wanna get diagnosed

  17. Well bpd usually stems from trauma and your mom not really acknowledging your emotional struggles sounds like it could be traumatic. Find a trauma-informed therapist (probably don’t tell her that though) and just tell her you want to go to a therapist for a bit to have someone to talk to for regular life stuff. You don’t have to get diagnosed. Your goal is simply to get help for whatever it is you’re struggling with.

  18. Look into DID/OSDD and talk to a psychiatrist about these symptoms as well

  19. I think experiencing good things would actually be a good idea, just be cautious that it isn’t a manic episode or turn into that. Have support from people before you go there. California was beautiful when I went there, I do think you would like it.

  20. I have sensory issues sometimes with kissing but i slowly can build up comfort with partners. I wonder if it’s oral herpes? Or maybe he’s just really avoiding it and doesn’t realize it might be ok now (I have trauma and sensory issues so like I’m hesitant at first unless I’m drunk… but for 5 years??)

  21. Well, they could have been stressed out, could’ve struggled to sleep, didn’t want to smoke indoors, and went outside for a blast of cold air to snap them out of it and smoke to relieve the stress. I think the hardest part of addiction usually is not actually the physical dependency, but rather the urge to medicate psychological pain or fill a void.

  22. omg I feel that. when you’re dying beside him and while i’m sobbing, he’s literally sleeping peacefully

  23. honestly jealous of that ability to simply ✨sleep✨

  24. Hey, as a version of your boyfriend, thank you for trying :) if you give him some space he'll be able to show his love for you. If you can't give him that space he won't be able to. He's with you and setting boundaries, rather than leaving you, because he loves you.

  25. That makes sense, it’s just difficult to grasp… but I’ve also been splitting hard over some stuff for a long time.

  26. I feel like I'm me, they really feel like entirely separate people. So I guess it is dissociation

  27. You can approach it as dissociation and see how that goes but I’d still tread carefully and take it with a grain of salt at first in case it’s simply voices because you don’t want to lose touch with reality 🖤

  28. Do you experience dissociation? Is it possible this is in part due to a dissociative disorder? Not saying this isn’t a psychotic symptom btw, cuz hearing voices definitely is.

  29. 20F here, I don’t think you’re a terrible person for being happy you miscarried. I think you’re just really relieved that you aren’t actually having another child, but still technically able to stick to your morals of not getting an abortion. Nature made the decision that you couldn’t.

  30. Weed use can also trigger dissociation and DPDR symptoms. Do you have a history of trauma? (it often starts there) Look into dissociative fugue, dissociative amnesia,

  31. Some spawned with a name, some had to wait for a name to come to them, and some picked out their own name based on meaning or whatever sounded nice.

  32. It’s like I’m put in the “backseat” whilst someone/something else drives my body. I can see everything happening, I can hear it all, I’m even aware of my actions in the fact that I’m somehow doing it all, but there’s not much awareness in it for me than that. Looking back retrospectively, I see there are missing parts and memory I can’t access, so I think I’m only partially aware of what’s going on at any given moment.

  33. Hey I read your other posts a little and I recommend checking out dissociation and derealization. I get the walls breathing as part of derealization and feeling backseat with memory gaps sounds a lot like it could be dissociative. Also dissociation can present with psychotic symptoms.

  34. I do have dissociative problems due to my borderline personality disorder, I let the doctor know but they seem to be more concerned about my psychotic symptoms (delusions, odd behavior, hallucinations, etc)

  35. Psychotic symptoms are fairly common in people with BPD, I’m surprised they haven’t brought that up to you. Ofc something could always be comorbid, and if the symptoms are out of hand then medication would also be a good thing to look into anyways.

  36. I think a good idea would be to tell them they can start with the highest version you feel comfy with. I think if you don’t let them play at all, it’s strict and not beneficial to the relationship. But if you explain your reasoning that some of the newer games are not age appropriate but when they turn idk like 16 and they still want it then they can get a newer version and you’ll be ok with it. And ofc other game options and explaining that game violence isn’t real.

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