1. I don't know why people are always making it out like this is a uniquely female phenomenon. Most of the guys I know got fat after getting married (and at least half of their wives are still very fit).

  2. It's always the ones with the huge BEER belly that wanna run their mouth about their wife getting fat after carrying 3 kids 💀

  3. An other blessed day of sharing this earth with gorillas 😌❤

  4. Bro even spongebob could've fucking told u that's not just a rock it's a fucking boulder Being on reddit legit makes me scared to go outside because i'm just now learning that some ppl really are just idiotic filth that will randomly do the most brain dead shit at other's expense

  5. If ur gonna smoke anything smoke crack at least it's worth the ride 🥰 #protip

  6. Je veux pas ce genre de danger en charge de ma ''sécurité''

  7. Toujours tellement triste de voir la police se battre pour le mauvais camp 💀

  8. What the heck.... these guys wonder why they can't keep no one.

  9. Damn and I thought I had issues.. anyone know if the lady survived that got hit by the car?

  10. I dout it jesus christ she got hit hard and prob into a wall or bunch of stuff 😭💀if she survived she gonna be bended in ways u don't wanna live in 🥲

  11. Don't happy women's day me when ur actively harming women and yong girls self perception 😒

  12. Pumped for some narwhal footage let's gooo so little of it or docs about em

  13. Thinking this is terrible enough on it's own with ppl getting their lives and living situation put at risk over a shit company wanting to save money like they don't have enough

  14. Jeeeesus fucking christ why do insane pol keep having childrennnnnnns

  15. I either need the recipe or ur adresse , ur call 😩😩🤌🏼🤌🏼✨

  16. He looks like the type of guy to think cringe ''culture'' relates to fascisme 💀

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