1. I’ve always been so curious if people would need to see someone who was dead, or the moment death would strike and the souls would leave the body. The few instances that we hear of people being able to see them seems like they were actually watching the person as they died.

  2. Sadly, figuring out what weight you’ll sell more of tends to be a trial and error sort of thing. It will depend on your area, the season, what patterns you’re knitting samples of/what bases you’re advertising the most. I would suggest having about $5000 put aside to purchase the yarn, dyes, pans, and other materials to get started initially. Especially since you’re going to have a “trial and error” phase. You can do it batch by batch and slowly add product and materials as you go (I did this) but it might take about 3 years for you to see any kind of profit. The normal return on your investment is about 1.5-2 years, depending on how much time and energy you’re planning on putting into it. If you’re dying for people in your area, I would reach out to some of them and find out what some of their favorite bases to work with are.

  3. They're actually a bit different than wolves, Snape told the class how to distinguish a wolf from a werewolf when he replaced Lupin as a teacher in POA. You're right though that they're nothing like in the movie, that was such a weird design tbh, it looks so scrawny and thin.

  4. I think they were trying to show that Lupin, even in his werewolf form, was scruffy and underweight. He’s been fighting the lycanthropy, and it seems to have affected his werewolf form as well.

  5. I honestly didn’t know there was a formula for this. 😂 not like I’ve designed 14+ sweaters or anything. 🤭 I’ll be looking into the actual math for future ones to see if there’s anything I want to change

  6. Real question here, because I’m starting to think I’m missing something. Where are the Goblin slaves? Is that a current thing? Or based off of what the Goblin Rebellion was based off of? - because I thought that was over not being able to have wands.

  7. I’m seeing a lot of people starting to shame small businesses if they’re successful. Like, it’s putting them in a negative “capitalism is bad” box, and acting as if they don’t deserve what they’ve worked hard to make. 🤷‍♀️ I’m in a very niche industry and it used to be “support small” and now it’s, “they charge too much, buy it on Amazon instead. I can’t believe they’re trying to profit off of us.”

  8. THANK YOU. I have DSPS/DSPD. It's weird that people still actually believe this myth.

  9. I can’t tell you just how much your comment just changed everything for me. This is an actual thing? There might not be anything wrong with me? 😭 Seriously, I’m scheduling a visit with my doctor. It’s been like 20 years now, and this might be able to explain everything! Thank you!!!

  10. Ummmm…. Moaning Myrtle was murdered in a bathroom…. At school….. mysteriously….. and everyone just treats her story like a joke. 🤨

  11. I never really thought he was a werewolf when we first started dating 14 years ago…..

  12. You are seriously missing out on the majority of the story and minor plot lines right now. My heart is crying for you right now!!!! 😐 with the movies, it’s like you mainly get a little more than a basic overview, hitting on the main points, but not delving into them. The movies left characters out, entire sections, amazing developing of characters, and building reasons behind all the actions in the movies.

  13. I mean…. I’m still telling myself there’s gonna be a Dusk Court. Wouldn’t they have a specific type of power? Or are we thinking that’s the star born power? They allude to one more Court in the ACOTAR world…. I wonder if it ties to her lineage at all.

  14. Why should she just give away her labour for free? That's rather demanding. The alternative to people complaining is that she just takes it offline, not give away her labor

  15. I’ve done this with a few patterns for a similar reason. Computer broke, not apple so no backup, and no notes on the original patterns. So….. instead of getting harassed by potential customers over and over again, I just took down all the original designs. 🤷‍♀️

  16. I plan on getting the home-made dark mark on my arm from A Very Potter Musical 🤷‍♀️

  17. I slip the first stitch in each stockinette row knit-wise and slip each purl row purl-wise, and it creates an incredible straight edge on both sides.

  18. Oh my gosh, are you trying to start a war here!? 😬😂 but no, definitely chiagoo red lace. 🙌

  19. I honestly think this is a way for people to be excited about buying supplies. Overall, there is such a negative attitude towards people buying lots of yarn of supplies, that putting some kind of “hiccup” in place makes it seem like they’re not bragging about their purchases. 🤷‍♀️

  20. I don't get it at all, it sounds like such a neurotypical way to show excitement :/

  21. Totally get it! Me personally, I don’t shame what I love ☺️ but I’ve never really been in a place where I’ve been shamed for loving something or spending money on it. On friend in particular left an emotionally abusive relationship years and years ago, and was always shamed for spending money. She’s in a super happy relationship now, and she told me that she still has a hard time not automatically posting phrases like these when she posts online about yarn purchases.

  22. Eh, she gets to make her own rules since she’s creating them for herself, and having a good time with it. 🤷‍♀️ if she doesn’t count partials as stash, that’s her right. We can debate it all day, but none of us has the right to define what this means for her personally. She is literally hurting no one by doing this.

  23. As a designer, I’m even irritated when I have to have my chart across pages. 😑 However, it’s better than having to have the charts super small, where no one can read them. It’s even worse for people who have vision problems, or issues like dyslexia. If there is a work around that anyone has found, I’m all ears, because I don’t like either of these options. 😅

  24. Usually charts are broken up into repeats. Sometimes they are overly broken up, so I prefer to break them up in chunks that would fit well on a page, but not print too small.

  25. Oh agreed! But when your charts are 40 stitches wide and 200 rows tall without any repeats, you kinda have to have it across several pages sadly. 😅 I agree! It gets kinda crazy after a minute. I try to have it across two pages if needs be.

  26. I’ve had this issue for years and finally found a solution. I now use a leather thimble on my pointer finger. It helps SO much!! I used to just have to use a bandaid, but it would always slip and then the needle would go under my nail. This leather thimble is a game changer!

  27. I’ve been thinking this for well over a year now, but not with regards to this collection specifically (obv)…my anger flared up when the summer tonals were being posted with some pink-y filter in her stories and I’m thinking to myself like… “ok so this is what they look like at sunset but where tf are color accurate photos”

  28. Natural lighting but not sunlight is always the best way to go. I’ve seen the “artistic” photos of many yarn dyers, but I’d rather have my pictures more basic but accurate.

  29. A swancho is a great top layer! It’s supposed to be an outerwear type of garment more than a regular sweater, even though most (like me) wear it as a sweater. I’m not doing jumping jacks when I’m wearing it, so it’s not too weird to wear for me. I like how they’re super comfy, but not overly hot.

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