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  1. Lol. That actually sounds a little like my dad. He cancels dentist appts all the time but that only affects him (and frustrates my mom).

  2. Sweet summer child. My dad IS a dentist. Won’t let another dentist work on his teeth, does his own work on himself with a mirror. 😱

  3. MGT literally said, this week, that solar power doesn’t work at night. They aren’t bringing their best

  4. No, they are. It’s just that their best can’t figure out how to tie their shoes.

  5. As much as I want to laugh about it, it still freaks me out that he did it.

  6. I was really sick and I thought he was giving me cough medicine. He told me after that it was ivermectin

  7. That’s a horrible breach of trust. I’m sorry he did that to you.

  8. Trump is offering Garland a bribe.

  9. despite what some articles would want us to believe or suggest. I think pushing concerns of a civil war might turn into a partial self fulfilling prophesy that will make people more on edge, more scared, then more likely to take action. We should just lay back and watch the fire die out with the Q's disowning their own who turn violent. Time is on our side and lies can only hold for so long.

  10. I don’t think they want to know that they’ve been duped. They’re complicit in duping themselves, and they enjoy the experience. They get to be real life Hardy Boys, vigilantes, and Fox Mulder being “informed” by The Smoking Man.

  11. Lunch, Grass, Book, Tea, Quiet, + (insert new words here)

  12. You mean yelling "you're all under arrest. Stand down" didn't work? Shocking!

  13. Yes, but you have to understand that Trump is a rich(?), white, conservative guy, and therefore has to be given the benefit of even the tiniest doubt, as well as having every appeal heard.

  14. Even when that doubt is predicated entirely on magical thinking and assumptions that defy the known laws of physics.

  15. you mean there are more than 3 amendments? (the first, the second, and the fifth)

  16. I believe in this case the term would be "go contractor"

  17. Yep. That, and taxes too I think. They wanna make sure people are actually married when they're filing jointly. Can't have people gaming the system

  18. I want a dog as loyal as Mike Pence. I wonder what trump did to him to make him speak and wag his tail when instructed to 🤔

  19. This reads like a carefully worded sidestep to me. He doesn’t say which Americans (and thereby the nature of his concerns) he shares those concerns with. I’m pretty concerned insofar as I want them to find and use damming evidence from that raid, and am concerned that it might not pan out. The raid itself is unprecedented, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Me getting married was unprecedented; it was my first marriage. More than 25 years later, still married and happy.

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