1. I haven’t seen them in a while, but here’s the ones we used to have:

  2. It all comes down to “what is your plan?”. The sales numbers are based entirely on what you do to let people know about it, and not the platform your using to crowdfund.

  3. So it’s more about how much I’m willing to do to drive people to see my project and less of using the right crowdfunding platform and having some history with publishing games.

  4. Think of crowdfunding as a full time job for at least 30 days leading up to it and during the campaign and you’ll put yourself in the correct headspace to think of what all will be needed to be successful.

  5. We just got ours vaccinated at the IH building downtown 2 weeks ago. I would say the search is wrong right now

  6. If you like board d or card games, check out the games club

  7. Yes, it’s called one of the 3 following, depending on the direction it’s taken:

  8. Looks great. Do you apply the art to the mdf then cut? Curious about the process.

  9. It’s not mdf. This is chipboard, the same material you find in any modern board game.

  10. Feel free to dm me, I run a local game design workshop for kids during the summer

  11. Use MS publisher, or the free version Open Office Paint. Set up a picture template (it’s fairly easy to find in both programs) to the printed dimensions you want, then just drag your card picture into it. Copy your card and put across your page, then just change each picture to a new card.

  12. This section on my website has 2 sets of free terrain. scroll down near the bottom:

  13. Hi, wondering if your firestorm Xelocian ships are still available. I know this post is from a while ago but thought I’d check

  14. He got bored, so he went to see how many locked doors he could get through in the magic school

  15. I get these all the time. They are hunters for legitimate companies, but generally the companies that employ hunters do not have that high of quality. Best advice is to ask for feedback in designer forums regarding which manufacturers people would recommend, and why. Edit:spelling

  16. You are using symbols to represent values on 1 set of cards, but numbers on others. Go for consistency Instead of symbols for values, symbols fit stat types often works better All the grid lines from card to card blend together, makes cards look the same. Pictures need boarders (faction picture on top right), otherwise is just looks pasted overtop and not part of the card. Ability/text needs to be setup consistently top and bottom. At the top you have ability - line - value across but at the bottom you have ability - value down. Creates unnecessary confusion when reading. Different types of cards need a way to tell they’re different at a glance (colour variations, layout change, etc).

  17. Wait till your retired: Time, money, but no desire

  18. Battle bears: the board game. It’s a battle Royale style board game where when you lose you come back as a “huggable” (cute teddy bear that wants to hug you to death). All the players that have become huggables are working together to prevent the remaining players from winning and can steal victory as a team.

  19. Great job! I love seeing when others bring their ideas into reality like this!

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