1. I’m sure we’ll all hear it at the same time. There was ONE DBC holder who was chosen to come listen to the album in the middle of the night out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania when they were mixing. That was probably like mid September. He posted a very brief and nondescript reaction to Twitter that was subsequently posted here. Certainly no conclusions to be drawn. Looks like spring 2023 is the tentative release according to an interview with Brooks. If that’s the case we’ll likely start getting teasers sometime early next year, maybe a single by Feb. in the grand scheme of things, it’s really right around the corner.

  2. HTTK just gets no love and I don’t get it. It’s my second favorite next to The Stage and it’s honestly not THAT far behind. It’s just a total banger of an album.

  3. What if the moon was your car and jupiter was your hairbrush?

  4. What if the moon were made of BBQ spare ribs, would you eat it?? I know I would, heck I’d have seconds!!!

  5. This post is both equal parts funny and sad. Not sure if I should laugh or just be amazed that you actually had this dream.

  6. Okay but what if it actually does open with Hanz Zimmer's "He's A Pirate". Legendary right?

  7. I’m all for pushing boundaries however that’ll be the day I officially check out. I know you’re joking but honestly man, I’m pretty sure we have nothing to worry about. It’ll be new, and interesting, and maybe not everyone’s favorite thing but I guess that’s just life, right??

  8. Sounds like basically what they’ve all been saying this whole time. They’ve been saying it’s very unique and that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I’d save your judgement for when you actually hear it. Don’t get too worried about what one person said after one listen. In all honesty I stayed up till midnight the night The Stage was released and gave it a full listen before I went to bed. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I thought that it seemed their best days were behind them and I probably wouldn’t find their music enjoyable anymore. Several listens later I started to get it….several listens after that I started to kinda dig it….several listens after that I loved it….and about probably 6 months or so after it was released it was without a doubt my favorite thing they’ve ever done. Point is, it takes time to digest things especially when it’s new and something you’ve never heard before. Nick gave about the best review he could after what was likely listening to a few songs one time after getting next to no sleep and driving four hours. It’s not like he could give a ton of details, and if it’s truly as unique as Matt has been saying it is, I’m sure a great deal of what he heard was absolutely awesome but also maybe a bit difficult to understand. We all need to just relax and wait until we can listen for ourselves.

  9. Well said. It seems like a lot of fans who like the stage had to warm up to it, so 1 listen isn’t enough to make a great opinion. On the flip side, there are fans such as myself who after 100 listens still can’t dig the stage. I think fans like that are valid in their concerns about another album where it doesn’t click right away.

  10. I think that after all they’ve said about how different this album will be, any concern is perfectly reasonable. Some people will like it, some won’t and that’s okay. I understand there will likely be an album that probably doesn’t click with me, but I’ll always respect the fact that they are willing to push boundaries that pretty much every modern metal band wouldn’t dare try. They make music that inspires them, not what they think is going to get them radio play. I respect the hell out of that, regardless of how much I vibe with it. I’m glad they continue to find new ways to push their creative minds.

  11. Definitely my least favorite track on The Stage and one of my least favorite overall.

  12. Good morning. Coffee, sing, music, repeat…Vitalik looking like a psycho. That’s all I got….🤷‍♂️

  13. I don’t know what to make of this.

  14. Sorry to be kinda morbid, but I’m gonna be pretty fucking devastated whenever Andy Wallace passes away. He’s the GOAT of mixing and he’s had a hand in SO many of the all-time great albums. Glad he was the guy for this one too

  15. Well, he’s 75 now. You never know how people are going to age but if it takes another 6 years for music I can’t see him still wanting to be working at 81…..but you never know. My grandfather worked until he was 86. Retired life just wasn’t for him.

  16. He probably enjoys doing the work, it’s not like he’s doing it solely for money and it’s not like he’s stuck doing a job he hates. He’d probably like to continue to do at least some mixing as long as he’s capable

  17. That’s what we’re all hoping for

  18. Hail to the King….sure there’s other great songs as well and even progier songs at the end but that song just fucking slaps man.

  19. Looks like a tour bus….maybe they’ll be announcing tour dates soon.

  20. You don’t actually believe this, do you??

  21. The vast majority has been recorded for years at this point. This past year has really just been cleaning things up and adding some vocals and recording an orchestra. But ya, I’m sure they e had the ability to listen to it for a very long time now. Likely years.

  22. I thinks it’s going to have a little bit of everything you just mentioned and then some. Groovy, complex, fast, melodic, long, short, progy, conceptual in a sense but not a true “concept album”….expect a whole bunch of shit. As Shadows said “eclectic and over the top”

  23. The real question is why wouldn’t they?? They’ve already stated that they wouldn’t release the album unless they could tour immediately after so I’d say that it’s 100% likely

  24. -Afterglow -God damn it -Angel face -Oh my God -Hail to the NFT -Digital World -Cyber Warcrimes

  25. God Damn It…..need it on the new album!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  26. “We’re creating jobs committing SU-I-CIIIIIIDE!!!!”

  27. Brooks basically confirmed spring 2023. He said it in an interview and there’s no reason to believe he was trying to be funny. He was giving a genuine answer to a question. Also, they’re still mixing. Matt said they plan to take their time mixing, they’re not in a rush at all. They’re enjoying their families and I’m sure they plan to enjoy the holiday’s before they start rolling out the album. I’d expect the rest of this year to be pretty quiet and they maybe late Jan/early Feb 2023 they’ll start dropping teasers and such…possibly a single by March and album in April….just in time for festival season. So yeah, I wouldn’t expect ANYTHING any time soon.

  28. I prefer to believe this is more the label's decision than theirs. But who knows... Shadows spoke on a podcast around April that the schedule would be for the last quarter of this year or first quarter of next, and he also said on discord that the label would decide.

  29. For a band that hasn’t released new music in a LONG TIME, they’d obviously want to release this right before hitting the road. I’m sure them and the label will both see that as beneficial. The label squeezes out one more number 1 album, and the guys get to release this beast right before hitting the road for the first time in likely almost 5 years!! It’s not surprising at all, and the reason I don’t think we’ve heard anything concrete from the band is because they don’t want to disappoint. Last time they said it would be ready by summer 2021 and they even had shows lined up but we all know how that turned out…..so I don’t think there will be any official word from the band until that time draws closer, but unless they have some secret winter tour up their sleeve I’d be highly surprised if the album came before April/May.

  30. dont know if this is anything but they for some reason changed their banner at the top of their spotify page

  31. I really don’t think that means anything. I certainly wouldn’t get excited about it. They’re still mixing and they said they plan on taking their time. They’re not going to rush it.

  32. Matt is anti loudness anti compression so I wouldn’t expect that.

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