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  1. I might sound stupid for asking, but I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying, is OP not necessarily “drawing” this paint drawing? Are you saying they are using a picture as a reference? Or doing a digital version of coloring within the lines like in a coloring book?

  2. I'd also like to know as I do a much more basic version of the latter to make quick "art" for my home. If that's considered legit then I'm going to start selling pieces lol.

  3. I have a friend who is a vegetarian because she doesn't want animals to suffer in the meat industry. She has two pugs who you can hear breathing whilst on a different floor of the house...

  4. I didn't think I did this but my sister has pointed out that I often complain that my hair feels inside out, so...

  5. He didn’t listen to a single thing I had to say about why I was seeking an assessment. It was a decade ago and I’m still angry.

  6. It's not, I'm not attractive and I got told I couldn't be autistic because I wanted to have friends...

  7. By-product isn’t bad for a cat. Their natural diet involves them eating the bones, internal organs and everything, as well as the meat, of the birds and small mammals that would be their usual prey. So by-product is a pretty good way of replicating their nutritional needs.

  8. It isn't bad for them as long as it's the correct percentage. Cats need around 90% to be muscle meat and roughly 5% secreting organs, 5% bone iirc.

  9. I'm half way through my first mini building by Loz and this inspires me! Great job, I bet it took so long to achieve.

  10. The Japanese Street View Izakaya Shop, can't remember the number sorry. It has a cat mascot on top and is, frankly, adorable. I'm planning on getting several from this series to make a little street and then I'm sure I'll buy loads more!

  11. Tom Sweterlitsch is an amazing author, I really hope he publishes more books!

  12. Yeah I wasn’t expecting an artist to reply, just someone who knew of someone. I’ve had some dm’s :)

  13. I know this is a few months old but did you have any success? I'd love to get my stretched lobes sorted but the prices are eye watering!

  14. Thank you so much for rescuing her! It might be worth keeping her and the doggo separate until she's been seen by a vet. There are some parasites that affect both cats and dogs and you don't want them passed on. Also as she's brand new to your home she might be stressed by the presence of a new animal, even if she shows no obvious signs. With some advice from your vet I'm sure they can be reintroduced successfully soon :)

  15. The 3rd lobe, upper helixes and hoops, and tragus are from an Etsy shop called elevado. The conch and daith are from an Etsy shop called purebibi. 1st and 2nd lobes are from Amazon

  16. I got a beautiful koi from Elevado! Your set up is gorgeous and I lol'd at angry rook. My angry helix is ruining photos and sleep XD

  17. This looks amazing and I'd love to get one! However there's nowhere remotely near me that performs this body mod.

  18. That's awesome! I would have been so stoked to receive this as a child... Or now!

  19. I shifted from smoking to vaping. My lungs are much better now, but at the start I was going for the strongest nicotine hit that I could, and it irritated my lungs horribly.

  20. I vaped to quit smoking years ago and then slowly decreased the nicotine content until I didn't need it any more. It was great for me. However I was told by the seller of the vaping supplies to just hold the vape in my mouth, not breathe it in. The nicotine still got into my system and my lungs improved drastically, even whilst still vaping. I'm wondering if more people used that method there'd be fewer lung issues?

  21. It’s not just that “oh there’s a human behind the photoshop” it’s largely that many of these AI trolled indiscriminately for data, with no way for artists to opt out of having been included in the database. Now some of these AI are being used by secondary parties for profit, (notably lensa using stable diffusion) which is a pretty massive violation of fair use. It’s less about artists being emotional and sentimental and more about us wanting to be paid for our work and not having our intellectual property rights violated.

  22. She is beautiful and it sounds like she's doing a fantastic job <3

  23. I'm a british pakistani living in Newcastle, I used to live in Bradford for a couple of years when I was small, and it was absolutely dismal. Add on the fact its got the highest percentage of pakistanis of any city and I can see how it can become a racist's talking point.

  24. Yeah, my shithole town is 99.99% white. The few immigrants we have actually run businesses that employ local people. The racism here and the "took our jobs" mentality is sky high smh!

  25. Wtf, someone downvoted you for caring? The internet is truly an amazing place. Here, have an upvote to even you out.

  26. Yeah, sadly both concern and genuinely helpful advice get heavily downvoted on animal subs. The prevailing attitude seems to be that you're spoiling people's fun, even if you're pointing out clear neglect or abuse.

  27. Oh damn, I just commented something concerned in another post. Goodbye, oh-so-important internet points. :D

  28. Lol, exactly. I've gotten downvoted into oblivion but they're just imaginary sprinkles and animals matter.

  29. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday! I'm so sorry the people close to you forgot. Although we've never met I want you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you happiness and love and all of the wonderful things in life. I've told my partner and he wishes you a happy birthday too. I know it's not the same but you are being thought of and we genuinely care and want you to feel appreciated. Our cat would send birthday wishes too if he could, I'm going to give him a piece of bacon in celebration so he knows something lovely is happening <3

  30. This is the sweetest! Thank you so much, and I hope the kitty enjoyed the birthday bacon! 💛

  31. You're so welcome! And yes, he was very excited about the birthday bacon xD

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