1. True,but then it would require you to do that mission before winter soldier being playable which honestly few would even do

  2. Ooooor just have that cutscene be for some random drop zone

  3. It would be a repurposed drop zone mission but in a new area so it hasn't been available before. But essentially it's a carbon copy aim facility mission just with that cutscene at the end

  4. Mission pops up when you’re PL 75+ but need PL 100 to play it.

  5. I think the problem is it sounds like a paintball gun, and lacks impact when shooting enemies. It needs to sound more impactful when you're shooting enemies and the animation needs to be improved a bit, other than that I think it's a good utility weapon it's a stepup from widows SMG pistols.

  6. More like a airsoft gun but yeah i agree with your point

  7. There’s an option that his ammo doesn’t drain the meter which improves it

  8. Not sure what you mean.we're not talking about utility

  9. I think it's great and makes so much sense lore wise

  10. This is cool. Love the canon approach using lore

  11. Honestly one of the best Disney movies ever. I do remember feeling like Jim Hawkins’ character design was really inspired by Trunks from DBZ.

  12. HOLY SHIT. That comparison is all i could think about when i saw trunks for the first time after growing up with this movie

  13. They had 5 years to figure it out. Not gonna magically find the solution after it released

  14. Tragic. Then they released it for 80$ on new gen

  15. No because none of these new characters are in the same stratosphere of interesting or loved as phase 1-3 heroes/avengers

  16. I think this is the big one, but they still have the Fantastic 4 and X Men up their sleeve.

  17. So u agree rpgs are known for having tank builds as i stated. Good job. My work here is done.

  18. Can you guys be a bit more condescending and passive aggressive

  19. It's literally the same model. Enjoy sucking CD dick while whaling on these skins for halfassed content

  20. Why wouldn't it get on my nerves when someone claims they look nothing alike when all evidence points to them using the same model, not to mention borrowing all of caps basic combos. Unlike you i don't want to settle for crap effort

  21. I really want the 2nd skins minus the goggles. So mask only and hopefully the painted eyes

  22. 90% of her moveset will be widow but with added glowing hands

  23. Its black friday? Why is it odd ti sell a game cheaper at the biggest sale event in the world?

  24. You don't think MW will be cheaper mid December...like it always is?

  25. Definitely looks like they started from the bruce banner model. So fucking lazy. First the old hawkeye model using tony starks hair and then all the animation copying and we barely get proper new content anymore

  26. I just find it so embarrasing, lazy and frankly unacceptable that we have two heroes in a row with heavily borrowed animations and movesets (jane was literally 95% thor).

  27. 5 bucks he has a copied running animation like the last 3 heroes

  28. Read up on the posts here. This has been asked to death

  29. It was like this when i was scrolling through my library but when i pressed on it the original image showed

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