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  1. Better open that mouth and suck it all in!

  2. It is almost impossible to fully cancel a comedian. In Bill Burr’s words: “What are they gonna do? Stop me from telling shit and dick jokes in strip malls?”

  3. True, but only because he shut himself down. CK had to self-fund all of his shit for a while (and maybe still does?). If Richards paid for his own venues, and made enough money, he could have crawled his way back, but decided not to.

  4. I ate one the other night, the entire thing all at once. Moments later I was quite literally eating ice cubes like popcorn. I was shaking uncontrollably and my mouth was in more pain than I'd ever felt. I've eaten Carolina reapers whole on a few different occasions, and while those were absolutely hot as fuck, they were like eating ice cream compared to this god forsaken chip. We had no milk left, but I got some bread and a spoonful of butter which helped tremendously. Once the burn started to subside, the stomach pain came in full force. It was horrible, and I was also getting flu-like chills. I was incapacitated for the next hour or two until I fell asleep. I woke up at 4 am with more incredible stomach pain. I shit a lot, which felt like Satan licking my asshole. Later on at work he ate my ass again, and then shortly after that the experience was finally over. Now my back teeth are pretty sensitive to anything colder than room temperature, so I think eating the ice fucked up my enamel :/ I hope that gets better.

  5. If I didn’t know anything about her, this ad would totally make me want to vote for her.

  6. I just googled her, that’s really how she looks now…

  7. They forgot to mention that he's rich and has experts working with him and all that gym equipments and customized diets.

  8. Did you actually watch it? He was surrounded by experts and they talked about his customized diets.

  9. I think some of you are cutting Art Bell more slack than he deserves. He very much spread misinformation. I’ve met people who have had basic scientific concepts totally messed up because of Art Bell. Many of his followers believed in a litany of “suppressed technologies” that would revolutionize the world if they were released. This man spread confusion and lies.

  10. He deserves no slack, he pushed pseudoscience and legitimately contributed to anti-intellectualism in America.

  11. Art Bell spread pseudoscience and uncritical thinking. He’s the opposite of cool.

  12. They tell you to use friends or family to help you “practice” during your training

  13. Hey people don’t downvote OP for answering the question. We’re supposed to be supporting her.

  14. Unfortunately his super power will neither make him money nor get him laid. Kinda like being bullet proof but only against the 12th bullet that hits you

  15. He posts a lot of videos jokingly saying that he doesn’t care about getting girls. Just saying, he’s very self-aware.

  16. “These martial arts are only effective against wet slaps”

  17. Well for one, no one really “knows” Jeet Kun Do at this point. Yes a few of Bruce’s students are still around, but that leads to number two…

  18. The commenter isn’t claiming that it would be effective in a professional MMA fight.

  19. I’ve used it a lot in stovetop cooking, will try it in instantpot soon!

  20. NIH: "We thank you for your submission, however, the panel of dudes who reviewed your work didn't like that you didn't focus on the 'right stuff' so we're gonna kick your grant to the trash"

  21. I’m on my first R01 study section and it feels so weird being in control of peoples’ fate. I feel so bad whenever I write weaknesses, but I’ve got to be objective……

  22. I'm sure this was mostly done for the views, but regardless it's a really heart warming thing to do

  23. The creator used to be homeless himself. He’s really doing this to spread happiness and caring.

  24. “I would never want to portray her in a negative light”.

  25. Well that’s kind of a tautology. Everyone’s morals motivates their feeling morally indignant lol

  26. It’s not a tautology it’s the definition

  27. Everyone thinks their morals are reasonable. Just because you disagree with someone’s doesn’t mean otherwise. Actually morality isn’t really based on reason anyways, it’s based on emotion

  28. No, fanatics do not think their morals are reasonable, they think they are absolute. It’s the exact opposite of reasonable because they did not arrive at them through reason, but by divine decree. Healthy people think their morals are reasonable, and if you follow in the path of Kant, Hume, etc then morality can be healthily informed by science, reason, and evidence and such a person will not necessarily think they are absolute.

  29. The same story pops up here again and again. Your husband is simply a selfish entitled person, there’s no sugarcoating it. They’re all the same.

  30. Dude’s got pipes, not gonna take that away from him. But does anyone else think her reaction was a bit too dramatic too early? Like just a couple of whispered notes and she was acting like she was hearing the voice of an angel. He got there, but only after she was already freaking out. Makes me suspicious that it’s staged.

  31. He has hundreds of these reactions on his YouTube and tiktok. Dudes legit.

  32. He has hundreds of these reactions on his YouTube and tiktok. Dudes legit.

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