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  1. ‘Hand me my shovel, I’m going in!’ By Will Wood and the Tapeworms

  2. Hah. So I was an IV heroin addict for some time. I had to reuse the same needle for a couple weeks. It got incredibly dull and Eventually led to a few misses.

  3. Not remembering things, I fear that I’ll be worse than when I started at something or that my skill will deteriorate

  4. What you used for cleaning? And how long it took to get that dirty?

  5. I used a micro fiber cloth for the dust, toothbrush for whatever didn’t come off, and a Philips head precision screwdriver to loosen it and take it apart.

  6. I don’t know what that’s called, but it’s now the L swap, congrats, you made a cool thing

  7. Congrats! I remember my first time solving the Rubik’s cube was in algebra class after a few days of trying, such an amazing feeling!

  8. Ah, sorry, I didn’t know I needed to have to provide an ao5 for it, I’ll make sure to follow the guidelines closer next time

  9. The Camera angle is Not the best try to your perspectiv next time than ist easier to give tipps Try to use fingertricks for your algs the easiest way to do so is to copy them from the Tutorial (i would reccomend jperm Ort brody the cuber) In i saw correctly you insert a pair Intro the back wich is very good!

  10. Is it true y'all are afraid of looking to any girl because you don't want to be labelled as creeps?

  11. Peach flavored man dose not know how to throw a punch to save his life

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