Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion

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  1. Not an unpopular opinion by any means but Eddie should have loved and one of the original characters should have died.

  2. They're planning on rebranding to a new original horror type game.

  3. Everyone else seems to have called it but Google Lens also identified it as a Wool Sower Gall

  4. Dried Shiitake- which in my opinion somehow tastes better than fresh! The flavor is more concentrated and the texture plumps right up after rehydrating :)

  5. This looks like those awkward family portraits you get done at JCPenneys but for cats

  6. Uncalled for fact: I used to be a photographer there. My cat and I had a photoshoot on pet day a few Christmas’ back.

  7. That's awesome- I hope you got them framed around your house!

  8. When is Tuition for the spring semester due? They’ll let us know the day after.

  9. Story of my life. Do they actually mention anywhere on the financial services page when tuition is due? I couldn't find it.

  10. I swear this comment section is so divided, people wither hate or love Shari lol

  11. I think a lot of players like the mainstream cute characters which is understandable, but as someone who has had Shari, she is quite endearing and I love her design!

  12. I've never salvaged roadkill animals before but I just wanted to say that I'm really happy to hear that some of these animals deaths don't go to waste. I always feel so bad seeing animals on the side of the road but knowing that it may have been of some use to someone makes it somehow less shitty.

  13. Classmates and professors are awesome. The resources are also really great- depending on your major. There's surprisingly a lot to do in/near Rochester if you have a car. Nerd culture at RIT is pretty cool.

  14. The way you drew Hermione has me howling! I absolutely love that

  15. I will forever cry about Dark Crystal being cancelled to anyone that will listen. It was so good and they KNEW it was good but I guess it just didn't rake in enough views. I guess I'll just wait 30-40 years for another revival. :/

  16. I came here just to say this but I knew someone else had to have beat me to it

  17. I literally switched majors the day of my freshman orientation. Don't recommend doing it that late, but I highly doubt it's too late to change. Definitely email your advisor asking about changing into your choice major asap. I had to wait for my advisor to go to the head of department to see if I was even accepted before anything else.

  18. Everyone crying "OmG iS tHIs rEaL??!??!?!" as if people don't watch porn.

  19. It has less to do with the fact that he watches porn and more to do with the fact that it's during a zoom meeting and some professionalism should and would be expected.

  20. Those are great finds- I still have the Riot CD in my car :)

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