1. Loba market and grab all the nades before that push

  2. Thanks for the help, I’m not so wine-educated so I wanted to hear from the experts. I sure will open it and give it a try! Thanks a lot!

  3. Yes. Usually play the course once or twice a week. Cheap for us .mil guys.

  4. Shot a 95 today. First time hitting under 💯 I’m very proud and happy, it took 5+ years but I finally feel like I can play and not guess where the ball is going to go, rather hit the ball where I want it to go (relatively) 😉 good day today boys and girls.

  5. Can’t wait to hear about the sigrid even though I know how good that chard is.

  6. Maybe the times I went to Timmy's were off days but they were terrible (dry, overcooked). Mike's has been superior in every way. Closest thing to the greats on the North Shore like Londi's in Peabody and Nick's in Beverly.

  7. I’ve been a Timmy’s faithful forever but I’ll try out mikes. My Timmy’s order is a super beef with x sauce and x Swiss

  8. Excellent choice! I'm fan of the extra sauce as well. And Swiss is definitely preferred over American cheese

  9. Don't ship wine in the summer though. The wine will be ruined from the heat.

  10. I highly recommend mademoiselle wine in Aix en Provence if you’ll make it that far. She’s one of the better shops in the country, check her on instagram as well

  11. Just checked her out and followed. She looks super fun and her shop is amazing. She reminds me a lot of a little shop I have near me called ‘’Main Street wine and Gourmet” in orleans, Massachusetts

  12. I always liked them wouldn't mind swapping a SHO drivetrain into one

  13. Willamette valley vineyards 2021 whole cluster is so young but sooooooo good right now. It’s mind boggling. I’m predicting a banner year for Pinot in willamette in this vintage. $22 on a shelf.

  14. 2021 is an absolute killer vintage from the Willamette Valley! We're about to bottle ours and it's so good, like even our base level is awesome

  15. It’s really wild how good the wine is this vintage. WVV whole cluster is so juicy and so dry at the same time it crazy.

  16. There words: drink more champagne. Great grower champagne out there for short money.

  17. I’m sorry, but that girl needs a lesson in whip cream pies. When I was in restaurants I wouldn’t let a person go without on their birthday or their last day. I was ruthless, no one was safe. 🥧 the action of giving a whip cream pie is exhilarating.

  18. Right bank Bordeaux. Pomerol, St Emilion. They are mostly blends of Merlot, Cab Franc, and Cab Sauv.

  19. That Chiefs game is one of the most exciting playoff games we’ve played for sure.

  20. I’ve seen you in my other sub. I also work in wine. Cheers 🥂 nice to meet you.

  21. I mean if he's the Tito's and Casamigos guy there's no reason for a hard sell that shit sells itself

  22. I drove from Florence to Rome years ago, and it was fine. Don’t know what your mode of transport is but I went Florence, Venice, quick night in San giamano, and to rome. All in 9 days

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