1. That's a DisplayLink hub. Is that what you need?

  2. Only the K6 and the K8 Pros have been released thus far. Looks like this will be available soon, but hasn't been released yet.

  3. The manual for the K2 Pro is available on the web site, but the keyboard page itself is not.

  4. CalDigit sells the USB-C Pro dock with two DP ports. I own one, works great.

  5. Question... you created a share and tried to aim Time Machine at it, or you enabled Time Machine support in DSM?

  6. Then buy the smaller license, it's $69/year.

  7. Maybe I’m missing something, but if a lifetime license is $150 from Microsoft, and a subscription is $70 a year, why would people buy the subscription?

  8. Because the lifetime license is for the version at the time you purchase it. You can use it forever, and you get minor updates, but you pay again for major updates.

  9. It doesn't matter, Catalina is no longer receiving security updates.

  10. How did you create the USB installer?

  11. You can. You just have to get the italics from somewhere else.

  12. It seems to only happen on Reddit, but I don’t know what this demi screen accomplishes

  13. It brings the top of the screen down to where you can reach it without shifting your grip.

  14. Thanks, but I’ve never even reverted an update let alone a full OS upgrade. Would Time Machine be able to do this?

  15. I'm sorry, perhaps incorrectly I assumed that you were talking about upgrading the OS inside the VM.

  16. Nope, upgrading to Ventura, but thanks!

  17. I'd worry more about still running the VMWare tech preview. VMWare 13 is released now.

  18. It's acidic. You need to get the laptop serviced.

  19. Besides that it is sorting the list in alphabetical order, what is the problem?

  20. How does this effect photos? Are they still safe as long as you’re paying for iCloud?

  21. iCloud Photo Library isn't a backup anyway, so of course you're providing for backing up your photos?

  22. Finder is responsible for drawing the contents of the Desktop folder on the screen. You might try restarting Finder.

  23. You would need to back up your photos from iCloud, which you should have been doing anyway.

  24. I did some googling and thought I read that the fan does that when you spill things on the computer to dry it? I don't live near an Apple store but I could take it into somewhere else

  25. Certainly not. The absolute worst thing you can do is turn it on.

  26. I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question?

  27. Is it local to the phone? Is it in GMail? In iCloud? Your employer? Some other CalDAV source?

  28. Re data loss... if the data is important, why aren't you backing it up? Fix that problem before you worry about installing a new OS.

  29. Back up, reformat, reload OS, restore backup.

  30. Maybe a dumb question, but is there any setup I need to do with Brew?

  31. I'm sure there's a reason you wouldn't read the documentation.

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