The FBI Confirms Its Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was a Total Sham

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

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  1. Oh no. What are they going to do? Storm the white house and try to overthrow an election? Gerrymander even harder? Stuff the Supreme Court with conservatives that are appointed by people that didn't even win the popular vote, and then use that Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade?

  2. They are all domestic terrorists. Just ask CPAC.

  3. No tongues were burned in the making of this photo.

  4. Every time I see a rainbow I question my sexual identity. Pink Floyd concerts are a fucking nightmare.

  5. Joe is too skinny for the HoF. He needs to fill out a little more. No one is going to believe he played in the NFL.

  6. Can we indict him already? The sooner the better. It’s going drag on for years. Might as well start now.

  7. That’s a post-birth abortion. Kinda wish certain people would post-birth abort themselves…

  8. I’ll pass on the malicious compliance and clogging the left lane

  9. Thank you. My parents originally got it for their dining room. They didn't really like it there though, so I was able to take it off their hands.

  10. Republican? There is an ocean of difference between rape and nonviolent sexual misconduct

  11. I heard Weshaun Datson is still available. Don’t mind the ankle bracelet.

  12. Bro, there are zero cases from when he is Cleveland Browns. Browns maybe be dumb but he was your teams player when he did those things your team enabled him with NDA and hotel reservations. And the only difference between Browns and Falcons is that he choose the Browns.

  13. Bro, don’t waste your breath arguing with stupid.

  14. Yeah I stopped watching it mid way through. Too much and too real.

  15. Read the Devils Chessboard if you really wanna know about Allen Dulles.

  16. Now I'm qurious what does a cow themed room look like.

  17. They both already have proved how much they love all sorts of veggies and fruits, but today she really surprised me. Not only had she chomped 2 bites of this fresh jalapeno, but she is begging for a third.

  18. Wait till tomorrow’s post breakfast poop. I think she might regret her decision.

  19. What does go have to do with it? It’s just a coding language.

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