1. i shave my whole eyebrows off regularly so not having to shave would be a bonus

  2. he made that comment on a post about different spelling between england and america for absolutely no reason

  3. i could have done much better if i didn't sit there for a solid minute typing ireland over and over because i didnt realise it was the

  4. yeah, he reminds me of the first chief from the early seasons (who was also really rude and unlikeable)

  5. i wear the same pair of jeans every day so has to be grunge lolol

  6. This is the worst, most out of character Rollins scene ever. Season 19 was a whole mess, but this was probably the most egregious example. I love Rollins but hate this scene so much and hate that it makes people hate her. Part of what makes Amanda interesting is that she's not perfect, but this went way too far. And the fact that she then went back to the guy who cheated on her which was what set this whole thing off. Just no.

  7. exactly! people saying "i cant wait for her to leave because of things like this" is so ironic because like you said its so out of character for her, and i think the writers made her say things like this just to add drama.

  8. i used to use the plain skull but now i use the crossbones because i find it funnier

  9. the foxs wedding/onibi series was my downfall

  10. i’ve had some issues with viewing the tickets on ticketmaster too - but they assured me they will be posted to me closer to the date! (even though i didn’t recall selecting postal tickets, they seemed to be the only option at the time)

  11. ah okay! out of curiosity, what does it say (if anything) when you click the ticket on the website/app?

  12. oh thank you so much for letting me know!! although one of two says cancelled, i have the exact same message in my tickets list, so thats very reassuring! :))

  13. Every single fucking day, I love these motherfuckers, could both of you please stop making such a perfect music, godayum

  14. well they have stopped for 9 years lolol

  15. what rabbit hole have you thrown me into

  16. something about giving psychedelics to mentally unstable people feels wrong to me, a mentally unstable person. lots of ppl with mental illness have delusions or intrusive thoughts so i dont think giving them psychedelics would do any good, its the reason i avoid lsd/shrooms personally

  17. im so angry with myself for not getting it when it dropped 💔

  18. when i used to have really bad social anxiety, i complimented these two girls at a boba shop because i loved their outfits - something i did very rarely, because social anxiety. they both glared at me and one looked me up and down (i could tell she was judging me) so i speed-walked away and didnt even order my drink.

  19. my dog turned into garfield and was also covered in slime. not good

  20. i actually agree with a lot of this list!! but i gotta say u did voicemail dirty 😭😭

  21. Even as someone who far prefers “metal” poppy (x, concrete, scary mask, and I disagree are probably my top tier)….

  22. objectively i do agree that GIB and lowlife are perfect pop songs, but personally standard pop just doesnt really click with me 😅 i only really based this list on how much i listen to each song, and sadly for those 2 its almost never

  23. i would do one but i literally hate no poppy songs

  24. yeah i feel this kind of looks bad for me because i do like all poppy songs (except the Christmas album lolol) and this list is simply showing how much i listen to them, i just thought formatting it as like->dislike would make more sense to ppl

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