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  1. Barry baby, you see what I got here? This is a box of pudding Barry.

  2. Stockard Channing Tatum O'Neal Patrick Harris

  3. I missed it too - I heard about it from a friend though. Even right now, today, I could think of nothing more fun than to mosh around a Bonfire to Ministry playing live. I saw them down at Lupos only one time in my life and it was fantastic.

  4. To be clear, I missed '91, but I was at '92 in the Ministry bonfire moshpit, and it was epic.

  5. Pennywise!!! gawd, what was that song.... blah blah blah blah blah, this ones for you!

  6. Ha! I figured someone would have ripped on that trope at least once!

  7. I think the movie they were parodying in that scene was "She's All That"

  8. I bought my first actual new car back in 2019. A 2019 VW Golf S with manual. Love it. It's zippy, and gets 45+ MPG on the highway. I only drive about 5k miles a year so I hope to get 15 years out of it.

  9. A good video about the History of the show :

  10. Starblazers, Battle of the Planets, Force Five, and Captain Harlock were my intro to Japanimation(as we used to call it), but Robotech was my favorite.

  11. Is that cover from the remasters? I love SP...ider-man, but the originals are perfection to me, so never felt like I needed new copies.

  12. I like all the Suburb movies: Suburbia(1983), SubUrbia(1996), The 'Burbs(1989).

  13. My parents got a TI-99/4A beige around the same time we had an Intellivision(1981-ish), but we only had Car Wars, and Munchman.

  14. -"I'll be down, I'll be around. I'll be hanging where eventually you'll have to be.

  15. Yup, a repaired item takes away from the almighty profit. Even if you need to upgrade from that item for whatever reason, you could hand it down, or sell it to someone who could use it, which also takes away from profit.

  16. If you find out if anything matters let us know. I’ve given up on that.

  17. I was pretty good at Gauntlet, Q-bert, and Super Off Road, but I just never had enough quarters, or just became bored of playing the same game to get really good at any of them.

  18. Do you remember how hated it was when it actually came out, though? The article references that. Most Gen X-ers despised this movie. It's only now that we are aging that we look back on it with nostalgia/longing and forget how much the movie actually sucked in 1994.

  19. I'm kinda partial to VW Vanagon Westfalias, but probably Lamborghini Countach.

  20. Ball's argument is nonsense... you can do both, prosecute Trump as well as try to address the deep rot. You don't have to pick just one.

  21. It seemed to me like she felt it was such a no brainer that Trump should be prosecuted if he committed crimes (like anybody else should) that she hurried by agreeing with Bill, and the other dude to get to her point about Trump only being part of the problem.

  22. My favorite long sleeve shirt was a black Puma one with fake claw marks like

  23. So we'd literally have to know what the workers were referring to... timing works though, and Prince was definitely "little" and kind of androgynous.

  24. I always thought he was talking about all the hair metal guys with tons of makeup.

  25. What year is it, again?

  26. I knew that would be the song, and still wasn't disappointed.

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