1. The Shins - Port of Morrow but probably also all of their albums

  2. I loved it right away, maybe even knew it would be my favorite

  3. I’ve always been part of an active online community and the one before Reddit was dying off and joining Reddit seemed like the next natural option

  4. Some sort of spray that allows me to keep my distance. In a pinch, a heavy shoe that I have to work myself up to use

  5. I absolutely had to buy this weirdy dress but have never actually worn it

  6. It is probably the most beautifully written book despite the subject matter being… questionable

  7. Take whatever is usable and then feel free to just chuck me out back

  8. Our “souls” return to the collective consciousness to be redistributed via the multiverse

  9. Death, public speaking, dangerous animals/bugs, trypophobia, closed spaces, seeing the dentist, idk

  10. The 30 Rock pilot is painfully unfunny but by the end of the series it was my favorite show

  11. Cheesecake Factory. The menu is a novel and I’ve never ordered anything better than ok

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