1. You 99% should be fine. Always a chance you run into some drunk asshole but more likely to just get some good natured ribbing.

  2. In north Buffalo and our trash was picked up on our normal schedule today.

  3. It's not an issue if you are parked in any legal parking spot.

  4. Southern Junction 10000% although not quite "traditional"

  5. Wilson sucks (as we know), Jete back in last place, boy, glad you guys won your Super Bowl against the Bills though.

  6. This is super cool and all, but if I lived in Buffalo and had access to unlimited amounts of money I'd probably do myself a favor and have a heated driveway installed

  7. I don't think a heated driveway would help with five + feet of snow

  8. Good neighbors in winter are fantastic. I still miss my old neighborhood where one dude on the corner was always out the morning after a storm running a snowblower to clear the entire block's sidewalk. Wouldn't let anyone pay him but six packs and snacks would mysteriously show up on his front porch.

  9. I swear people in my neighborhood set alarms earlier and earlier to get out and do the block before anyone else

  10. We’re they really sold though? I’d have assumed all current ticket holders would have the first option to trade their tickets in

  11. No trading tickets. Original tickets were all (or are all) in the process of being refunded.

  12. I mean most people probably couldn't make it to Detroit and for those that could the tickets were much cheaper so I think it worked out

  13. For what it's worth I like the gravy in the box, but it is gluten free.

  14. If they want to chat with me, they can. If they don't want to say a word, that's fine too. That job is exhausting.

  15. Does everyone just like know where players live?

  16. I'm assuming these are people who live on their street so they know them.

  17. Yes but not yet. The first snow is fun. Mid January is when it really starts to set in.

  18. Man, I don't have any advice except to escalate until someone can fix this for you once and for all.

  19. Same - just keep asking for someone higher up and be insistent.

  20. If anyone wants to call the appropriate representative on behalf of Buffalo Chophouse, several members of their staff were made to come in last night. I know the employees themselves have a huge bone to pick.

  21. I’m interested to see how they travel. BUF closed.

  22. I live in the Detroit area and go to downtown Detroit all the time. I've been to Ford Field like 20 to 25 times in my life. Ask me anything about the stadium, parking, tailgating, etc if you are going to the game and have questions!

  23. Are there any lots where people do tailgate?

  24. There's a bunch of smaller lots between Woodward and Cass Ave. One of them is called Prime Parking Lot #2 and this is the address: Prime Parking Lot 2, 126 W Elizabeth St, Detroit, MI 48201

  25. Looks like if they are in the northern part of Buffalo they will be fine, but if they live in the south, they will be stuck. Any bills fans know what parts of town the players live in?

  26. How? Rochester or Niagra Falls? Also looks dumb to not have your shit ready earlier in the week on the off chance it gets moved

  27. I went to school in Rochester and have a friend living there. I was about to text him to see if he thought he would be dug out by Wednesday when he was supposed to be coming down here, but I guess not now.

  28. I'm in the northern part of the city and have maybe two inches of snow. Just a few miles south they have 2 feet. Lake effect is crazy.

  29. Join your local buy nothing group on Facebook! I'm sure someone has one they'd be willing to part with.

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