1. My advice: If you’re going to try it, buy one can and not the pack.

  2. Yes! TJ let's you buy just one can. I recommend the Shell House brand. White Claw is very very sweet.

  3. So I managed to screw up the spelling of Kenmore in my order and don't have a way to go back and fix it. They should still manage it to ship it out ok, yes?

  4. If the zip code is correct I think you'll be fine

  5. This is the golden ticket to the watermelon factory. Congratulations!

  6. People ride to trails because they can't bike to them lol

  7. You hit the nail on the head. Lol. This is a problem, no?

  8. I'm not sure! My friends husband works there and is paid well and seems to enjoy it but I don't have more info.

  9. It was SO GOOD. The meat was pretty tender for a frozen food item. There wasn’t a lot of fat. And there was a lot of Consommé. The broth is very greasy but flavorful. Super easy to make, just pop it in the microwave.

  10. You find out on Friday. Make sure you’re on lumberjacks Instagram

  11. Cocktail is DEFINITELY not too informal for something where they are saying "not formal, no jeans". I might even dress DOWN a cocktail dress for it. Do you have any coworkers you can ask what they're wearing?

  12. Event start time has been moved ahead to 10am to give everyone plenty of time to get in before the rain expected later.

  13. Didn't even think to ask her 😂😂 I'm on the grooms side and when I asked him he said he wasn't aware of that being a rule, never thought to ask his fiance

  14. I do not recommend asking the bride. It puts a lot of pressure on them to say yes when they may not want to. Either way, I don't think that outfit has too much white at all, I think it's cute and appropriate.

  15. I think it depends on the dress code and venue, but I think it is so cool and cute! You can definitely dress it up with shoes, jewelery, hairstyle, and makeup.

  16. This is one of my favorite movies. I watched it twice in a week when it came out.

  17. I think it's open for interpretation. The idea of it being depression really resonated with me. It could also just be death or the nothing that comes after death. It could be more supernatural than that.

  18. No. There is no florist station or anything. You just grab what you want from what's out. Any wrapping or arranging would be on you.

  19. Those reccs look awesome, thanks! We're starting to narrow down our search to that area.

  20. Anything in the city is a pretty short/cheap Uber away if it's not in the same neighborhood as you.

  21. Ugh I know I keep going back and forth. Getting a lot of mixed opinions from friends. I’ve seen a lot of men wear corduroys as business casual but never women which is why I’m hesitant, but also trying to figure out a way to dress them up a bit

  22. Do people wear khakis in your office? I think of cords as just textured khakis. I think these paired with a nice sweater, something with a fun print, maybe even with a button down under.

  23. They would be fairly dressy in my business casual office. So I would just say it depends on what everyone else is wearing. I would wear these to work with wedges or boots and a nice sweater or blouse.

  24. Stay downtown, either find an Airbnb or there are a few good hotels (the Curtis, The Westin). For food and drinks you'll have a ton of options (Lucky Day, Toutant, Vue, Patrick's Rooftop, Graylynn, Misuta Chows, Southern Tier Brewing, Big Ditch Brewing). For wings, make the trip to Bar Bill in the suburbs, and try a beef on weck while you're there.

  25. I just watched this tonight and searched it on here and was shocked at how much people hated it. I thought it was an enjoyable watch.

  26. They stopped taking monetary donations. They need manpower

  27. A charity stopped taking monetary donations? I struggle to believe that...

  28. The Buffalo Community Fridge just posted this. Might be a good place to start.

  29. They need people!! They need people to shop for them, to organize and distribute donations, etc

  30. I've never had produce and bread go bad as fast as it does when it's from Trader Joe's. I did buy a pack of ground chicken last week though, it was $3.49! That's a steal where I live.

  31. The bread goes bad quickly because it doesn't have preservatives. It's best to put it in the fridge or even freezer.

  32. I can promise you that she doesn't think about you.

  33. That Tops is one of the only bigger grocery stores in the East side, and I'm sure they will have to close for the investigation, leaving many without a nearby grocery store. I am sure there are food banks and other organizations that may be collecting groceries to distribute for those who need it in the community, does anyone have any ideas or info?

  34. Buffalo Community Fridge... If you Google it you will see their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

  35. FYI I tried to go to the sub you linked and it says it can't be viewed

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