1. When my wife wears a white vest. A lady vest, not a blokes vest.

  2. She loves her lower back scratched hard and she looks at me because I stopped talking to her lol

  3. She definitely does, she is such a loving fury Hippo.

  4. While making a cup of tea I added the milk then hot water and then the tea bag.

  5. Oof yeah I also got a water/pee resistant blanket on couch for her and pee pads tho she's not the best trained on those but she's gotten alot better going outside and have her on medication for pee. Got lucky tho that she don't care about having clothes on

  6. Lucky for us BB is trained well and never goes to the toilet in the house but obviously she doesn't know she bleeds while mooching around so we also have covered everything. She's just sulking at the moment so she's not really interested in walking around or being a pest. You are lucky yours wears clothes. Sorry to hear she's on medication.

  7. It's all good got her from a rehoming/ rescue situation she had rough start and she's bit needy but she's a spoiled dog that loves everyone. Best of luck with yours!

  8. That's cool and thank you, we love the needy ones. All the best.

  9. You look like a guy who didn’t want a dog and then immediately became a dog dad lol

  10. Hahaha I have always been a dog person but got BB for my daughter on her birthday but BB has attached herself to me.... But yeah I wasn't keen lol I couldn't ask for a better dog.

  11. Happy dog. We use a dog seat belt for our fury Hippo.

  12. I have got them, I'm thinking about doing that next, maybe grey and black bricks!

  13. I think you might add more texture to the road - make it sandy

  14. Why do I suddenly see so many posts about lego capes

  15. I don't know, I've seen them too, but this just reminded me of them when I found the figure.

  16. I dare you to add a Mickey mouse minifig holding a dollar tile

  17. When he was locked up for rape. Cut all ties with him after that. It's been 10 years.

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