1. You can laugh because you didn’t have the horrifying experience of hearing it first hand from an older man who seriously thought it was a great word to REPEATEDLY use it to try and “tempt” me to have sex with him.

  2. Lol. I do t think anyone in this thread has ever heard these terms. It’s clearly not British or American… are you Australian?

  3. Nope. American. I also hadn’t heard those terms before joining the nsfw side of Reddit. Then I kept getting DMs with comments like this (and one horrifying IRL encounter (see above).

  4. Are you planning on doing it in front of her boyfriend someday ? 😏

  5. With that grip, you’re going to get an unexpected load in that grippy pussy🤤

  6. In addition to filming video, he also took a bunch of photos, but it wouldn’t let me say that in my original post so if it sounds awkwardly worded, that is why.🙃

  7. You're the type of cute little slut that I pack on road trips. A weekend in Las Vegas where you lie to your parents where you are, while I'm fucking your holes in front of strangers, then making you suck random cocks.

  8. That’s one of my biggest fantasies. I want to go to some big festival and be the main attraction in the crowd

  9. A man can dream… you posting anything fun tonight?

  10. I bet whatever you are wearing right now would look hot. Love candids. Sucker for mirror selfies too…

  11. Daddy loves seeing his slutty little girl covered in cum, surrounded by hard cocks ready to use her holes

  12. You should charge them for the pleasure of fucking your slutty little girl

  13. Daddy would take you to the most crowded area and rip off your clothes. I'd shove your whore ass to the sand and pull your ass up into the air and I stretch your pussy and asshole with my thick cock. After I cover your face in my cum I'd invite all the horny beach pervs to use your holes.

  14. I especially love the part where you invite others to use me too, daddy. 😘

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